Medal Of Honor 'maximises PS3's power'

Electronic Arts has claimed that it upcoming FPS Medal OF Honor "maximises what PS3 can do" - and revealed that it led development of the game on Sony's platform.

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Hellsvacancy3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA (2 pages later)

I didnt even read the article (should i?) the title is laughable

Im sure MOH will b good (it looks cool) but maximise the PS3? wot does that say bout the 360?

Edit: @below, i just read the article, VERY misleadin title *skakes head*

sahar2433490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

"guess the benefit to the PS3 owner is that we're leading on it, so we'll maximise what that platform can do for our game"

he doesnt say that they maxed out the ps3, misleading title -_-

Michael Myers3490d ago

agreed, misleading. uncharted 2 maxed it out in so far in my got to get god of war 3 see how those graphics turn out, we might have a new winner, but uncharted 2 is so great i dont think it can be topped.

GodFather873490d ago

Guerilla Games or ND will surpass it next year.

Convas3490d ago

Agreed, nothing has topped Uncharted 2 to date. I'm still waiting for someone to try. GOW3 was good, but not Uncharted 2 good.

Projekt7tuning3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

What a misleading title. If it had been said by EA, those would have been some mighty big words to fill.

SullyDrake3490d ago

Sorry man, but God Of War III tops Uncharted 2 visually. It's the new visual leader.

silverbeld3490d ago

Very misleading. I couldn't believe it too. MOH will be very impressive for sure. I hope they got better perks then COD MW2.

Syronicus3490d ago

Each code is different and when a devs says maximized they mean for their engine. A maximized engine by EA could look and feel completely different than a maximized engine by Naughty Dog. It's an engine thing.

sikbeta3490d ago

Basically , they're saying they maximize their work with the Hardware cuz they want the exact same experience across all platforms, so they can't push further...

Ravage273490d ago

I really doubt it will come anywhere close to KZ2, but using the PS3 as lead platform is good news in any case.

Wonder if they are using that AA technique in GOW3

Foliage3490d ago

"Each code is different and when a devs says maximized they mean for their engine. A maximized engine by EA could look and feel completely different than a maximized engine by Naughty Dog. It's an engine thing."

That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Engines don't have such limitations. The only limitations you have is on the platform you build your game on to. If you think your engine is maxed out, you need a new computer.

Seriously... pick up a book some day.

As for the article, the title is flamebait, since nothing close to it is mentioned in the article. A multiplatform release will not max out the PS3.... unless the 360 version wasn't holding it done. With GOW3 and U2 already out there... these other devs need to step up before they can open their mouths.

It might reach the ceiling of the already maxed out 360 though. That's perfectly obtainable.

andron3490d ago

If so I doubt it will break the gold standard...

Army_of_Darkness3490d ago

** shakes head** I'd rather have them use the dead space engine instead to be honest....

andron3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It uses a "modified" Unreal engine for the single player and, since DICE are making the mp part, they use the Frostbite engine for that part.

They should have used the Frostbite engine for the whole game I think...

Mista T3490d ago

sounds like it needs better coding

Syronicus3490d ago

"That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Engines don't have such limitations. The only limitations you have is on the platform you build your game on to. If you think your engine is maxed out, you need a new computer."

Thanks for the unwarranted insults. Try and be less abrasive next time you enter into a discussion. You obviously missed my point and rather than taking the adult way about questioning my logic you simply hurled attacks. Way to go...

Oh, and yes, game engines have limitations based on the code used and particulary the techniques and lessons learned by the developers themselves. A particular code used could be far less of a resource hog dynamically than another when used on differing hardware. Some developers tend to lean out their code in ways that utilize the hardware and alow for wise use of memory whereas other developers eat up resources unnecessarily.

And I promise, I will read a book on the topic if you promise me you will learn some social skills for the next time you encounter a thread post you disagree with...

DOMination3490d ago

Oh dear, it uses 100% of the PS3s power yet the 360 is only half maxed.

cmrbe3490d ago

devs would use more of the PS3 capabilities.

PaLaK-3490d ago

I hope a lot of people ditch COD and buy this for their arcade-shooter fix this year, and I own a ps3 so im even more hyped knowing that the ps3 is their lead platform!

2Spock3490d ago

Sorry but GOW3 doesn't top UC2.

3490d ago
N4BmpS3490d ago

The title makes you think something else, I hate it when they do that. They aren't saying they maxed out the PS3 more like they maxed out what they wanted to do with Medal of Honor on the PS3. So far two games are using the PS3 as a lead development platform and they are both satisfied. It'll be interesting if they can bring the quality progress that they have on the PS3 to the 360.

pixelsword3490d ago

maybe they don't have the disc space, like FF XIII?


gintoki7773490d ago

if this was a big game then ok but this isnt even that good like saying gow3 maximises or gt5 idk think of something better next time lol

kunit22c3490d ago

if this is true that they are leading on PS3 wont this mean it will be the same as FF13, 360 version on 3 disks?

mint royale3490d ago


I think you need the spell checker. Its maximises!

US doesn't equal the world. Sigh.

Bathyj3490d ago

Out of all the bigg hitters Sony has, Uncharted, Killzone, GoW and even GT5, I dont think any of thos games max out PS3.


Because it just seemes to do it so effortlessly. The PS3 doesn't even struggle.

Perfect Dark maxed out the N64. The game was more abitious than the platform it was on, and it showed in the framerate.

All those games I mentioned just get taken in the PS3's stride and you would be a grade A fool to think things wont get better.
Just look at UC1 to UC2 or GT5p to GT5. More improvement between those titles than between Halo 2 and 3 in my book.

MNicholas3490d ago

The proof is in the pudding.

morganfell3490d ago

I am not laughing over the statement that they will maximize the PS3 power. I am spitting at them because they contradicted themselves in such a clear and idiotic fashion.

Hey EA idiots, you can't maximize the PS3 power AND have console parity. Pick one or the other.

You either maximize PS3 have both console versions look as similar as possible.

You either allow user mods ala UT3 style on the PS3 or you don't.

You either allow Youtube uploading or you don't.

You either produce a PS3 version that is graphically on par with UC2 and GOWIII or you do not.

You either allow PSP/PS3 interfacing or you do not.

You either decide to break free from the idiotic shackles of console parity or you act like every other chickcrap develop that is afraid of the truth.

It is one or the other.

shawnsl653490d ago

he's saying that they are maximizing what the (blu ray) ps3 can do for it.

vhero3489d ago

If it somehow did maximize the PS3. The the 360 version would look terrible in comparison especially since PS3 would be the lead so it would only be a port for 360. However this also shows that devs are considering PS3 as the no.1 machine now to develop for instead of 360 first and foremost.

Ravage273489d ago

morganfell speaks the truth.

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GR8 13490d ago

Medal Of Honor 'maximises PS3's power' while xbox360 power is still untapped.

Hellsvacancy3490d ago

Untapped? Hannah Montana The Game maxed out the 360

jeseth3490d ago

EA says they led with the PS3 so they can maximize what the game can do, they didn't say they maxed out the PS3.

You are sad GR81. There must not be any good 360 games because you are trolling on this site worse than anyone I've ever seen.

avengers19783490d ago

Why is it that they have not improved there games graphics or content wise since 2007? Let's see how gimped the 360 version is. All developers will soon be using the ps3 as the lead design platform.

trancefreak3490d ago

His dial up connection is interfering with a reply. Must be tough living under a rock.

blitz06233490d ago

It should be entitled:

PS3 maximises Medal of Honor's power

xXSilentXx3490d ago

rubbish reaction of EA :P EA ar noobs developing for the PS3 platform.

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spinbot_lv13490d ago

another 576p game on xbox360

Hotel_Moscow3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

wait is the ps2 maxed out yet because their still making games for it

because if the ps2 is still not maxed out the ps3 isnt going anywhere for a while

also anyone notice how 360 developers never say the same

and instead goes backwards in deelopment

BeaArthur3490d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.