It's Official: PS3 Has The Best Library Ever

1Up: Former Sony Computer Entertainment head Ken Kutaragi (above) may not be all that happy about how his PlayStation 3 is officially the heaviest game console ever released. But there's another statistic that he'd likely be more delighted to hear: According to a survey of Famitsu magazine's review scores, the PS3 has the highest-quality game library out of any console currently in the marketplace.

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DelbertGrady3491d ago

"According to figures released in the current issue, 77 out of the 171 PS3 games Famitsu has reviewed as of the end of 2009 received a total score of 32/40 or greater, qualifying it for a Gold award. This means that 45.05% of the PS3's library in Japan is "gold" -- according to Famitsu's review staff, anyway.

This puts the PS3 just slightly ahead of the Xbox 360 percentage-wise -- over in Japan, 104 out of 240 360 titles reviewed got gold awards, 43.33% of the library. The good news continues in the portable realm, with 23.2 percent of PSP titles going gold versus 17.14% of Nintendo DS releases."

Michael Myers3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

yea, i think they have the best library for the NEW HD consols. but the ps2 takes the cake for best ever. good article.

who knows? when agent comes out and gran turismo 5 might have the best library this whole damn gen. but i tell you what, ive never been more excited about any games on anything EVER more than i am right now for the ps3.

Hellsvacancy3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

U know summin, i completed God Of War last night (for the 1st EVER time) it was a MENTAL game even all these years later, REALLY REALLY f-in frustratin but i had bucket loads of fun

Games this gen seem 2-easy (even on a harder difficulty), i coulda broke my ds3 pad playin God Of War 1, gonna start GOW2 later

MasFlowKiller3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

For the pass 2 years the PS3 has had the highest rated tittle in its platform and for those 2 years it also has had what most sites consider to be their game of the year for those 2 years.
Uncharted 2 & Little Big Planet

But that is becuase sony learn early on that they cannot depend on 3rd parties to take full advantage of the ps3.

Whats the count line now 22, First and 2nd party studios?
making exclusive tittles on the ps3

i still believe the best GAMING console is the one that provides the best GAMES, am all for exclusive content but i prefer exclusives games, when i remembers a great game i played i remember the console played it almost as much too.

Aquanox3491d ago

It's Official because Famitsu reviews are the only ones worth reading, h ence, making this "Official".


King_of _the_Casuals3491d ago

How long has Famitsu been keeping track of this?? Were they keeping track back in the NES days???

I'm just asking cuz I really don't know.

Rock Bottom3491d ago

It's official because the title is stupid, but you'd would still get the same results from checking review scores on Metacritics or any other mainstream gaming sites/magazines, save edge.

Syronicus3491d ago

That the PS3, despite having been released a full year after the 360 is leading in quality titles. Not only does the PS3 offer quality hardware but they offer the highest quality in games. This is something that does not surprise me but to those who didn't know Sony's historic presence in gaming, this is a pleasant bit of news.

sikbeta3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

PS3 Line-Up is Amazing, so, there is no surprise here, IMO the First Party Exclusives are the Best...

silverbeld3491d ago

Guys look at that pic. Sooo EPIC!

IdleLeeSiuLung3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I think I will take the higher number of high scoring games over a percentage in this case! I don't mind having to find my way through some shovel ware!!!

This of course ignores user preferences, such as certain genres are more prevalent and popular on one console than another.

But hey according to 1up, if your platform only released 1 title and it is a 95% scoring game you will have the best library ever, because nobody can top 100% great library.

This is aside from the fact that famitsu is obviously the industry standard for review. They are the only one we should consider when rating games!

Needless to say, I'm disappointed in 1up for being a big game site reporting such nonsense!

DelbertGrady3491d ago

Cause Famitsu aren't crap like IGN ;) Hypocrites. Famitsus reviews are all over the place.

Haze 34/40
Lair 33/40
Last Remnant 38/40

edhe3491d ago

Metacritic & gamerankings show more higher quality games on 360 than any other current gen console.


JokesOnYou3491d ago

I didn't even know that 360 had more quality games than the ps3 in Japan too.


DelbertGrady3491d ago

And we all know Metacritic & gamerankings are owned by M$, so what's your point?

Qui-Gon Jim3491d ago

A look at metacritic shows the same results as this one from Famitsu: XBox 360 has more high rated games, PS3 has a higher percentage of high rated games. There was an article somewhere about it a while back, but i don't have time to look for it.

Ultimately, since few of us buy ALL the top rated games, and few of us buy games by randomly picking stuff off the shelf, none of it really matters much, just buy the system that has the games you like.

BRG90003491d ago

Anyone else notice how that list is roughly the reverse chronology of video game consoles, from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom? That real interesting takeaway from this article is the review score inflation you see in action here. Much higher reviews are being given out by Famitsu this generation than at any other point in gaming history.

Syronicus3491d ago

Look at the damage control going on here. The Xbox Defense Force sure hates the fact that the PS3 has the best percentage of quality titles.

DatNJDom813491d ago

took the words right out of my mouth. first ones to comment on a PS3 article. its funny how they are quick to call out others if they go to a 360 article and state facts on how corny there games are. Real hypocrites.

vhero3491d ago

Not bad considering how biased reviewers are half the scores for games should be higher too! So good on PS3 but it dont matter because the games that got them scores will be looked over as when people finally do get PS3's they will be playing the next generation of games.

Rockox3491d ago

You know who I think has the best gaming library ever?

ME, that's who.

IdleLeeSiuLung3491d ago

Based on the disagrees on my comment above at the time of this writing, at least 6 people prefer a higher percentage of great games as opposed to the raw numbers.

I pity your math skills or your just a hopeless fanboy. For your sake, I hope it is fanboyism!!!

pixelsword3491d ago

but it doesn't negate the quality of Microsoft's games.

Just get both consoles... and if you're apprehensive about getting a regular 360 (and I don't blame you) then wait for the slim, then enjoy the great games on both consoles.

3491d ago
Sheikh Yerbouti3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I don't know who gave you those disagrees, but phq'em. I feel you on that one...!

If it's hot, I'm playing it whatever console it is on. It may take me some time, but I'm buying it if I can


quadalupeupe3491d ago

The most sales usually represents the most crap

evrfighter3491d ago

that haze score is surely a lie right?

Syronicus3490d ago

It's not just that, it's a combination of things. One, the PS3 titles have always come under a greater deal of scrutiny from the media so when they give a PS3 game a score of 10, it's more like a 12 so even the mediocre games tend to be good titles but since the media is so overly harsh on the PS3 they tend to bring the average down. Second, the titles that were released during the 360's first year had no competition so the scores were higher since they had nothing "next gen" to compare them too. With that said, some of the higher rated games are truly mediocre at best yet they were given higher scores than they deserved.

In the end, the PS3 titles are far better than 360 titles and though they may have fewer of them, the titles they do have trump anything the 360 has in competition of.

3490d ago
sid4gamerfreak3490d ago

"It's Official: PS3 Has The Best Library Ever"

Finally, can we move on now... This is quite obvious...

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RadientFlux3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I guess if you agree with every Famitsu's review it is. I usually find their reviews laughable, but then again I'm not in their target audience.

For the last 3 years, my GOTY has been a multi-platform game. Since how much you enjoy a game is subjective that means "who has the best game library" is subjective as well.

Inside_out3491d ago

Talk about desperation...LOL...Maybe a head shake needed over at SONY, Down by 10 million users ( Ya whatever )...Sony sold well over 100 million+ PS2 consoles AND continue to sell them to this day..The PS3, so far is a HUGE failure...I mean EPIC...I mean...well...You know what I mean...I think...

According to a girl I met, who had a friend, who had a cousin that SAW a PS3 once...Said It's the best...Sony hurting worst than I thought...Got a new slogan...Sony PS3...the " me too system " too...Netflix...Me too...Motion handheld...ME TOO...ROTFL...

Army_of_Darkness3491d ago

"The PS3, so far is a HUGE failure...I mean EPIC..."

LOL! and while your at it, you might as well say that LCD HDTV & Blu-ray are failures also......

Qui-Gon Jim3491d ago

HDMI... me too... Avatars... mii too...

Nobody can complain about who does more copying.

kancerkid3491d ago

If you look at the top two consoles it is XBOX and PS3.

Man, we are getting good games this gen, no one has anything to feel sorry about.

jannytime3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

the level of ignorance on this site is nothing short of amazing.
proof? the title of this article and all the dumbasses above me that think this statistic means anything, you people ever heard of an OPINION? look into it..

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Neurotoxin3491d ago

Actually its down to the individual to decide what library and system is best for them. Personally i think both 360 and PS3 have very good librarys, and at some point in the near future i`ll be getting a 360 to play some of the games i've missed out on whilst owning a PS3. Best of both worlds is the way to go.

Sheikh Yerbouti3491d ago

I'm a Sony fan, but there are some 360 games I want to have at the crib. If you like games and have only one console, there are going to be some exclusives you want. If you say otherwise you don't know anything about the games or a flat out liar.

Personally, I want Gears and Mass Effect bad. There's always some damn article that says it is coming to PS3, and I wonder if I should wait. It is so much now that I'd rather they stay 360 console exclusives.

But back on topic, Sony is putting out more AAA quality games (as opposed to AAA sales) than I'm able to keep up with. I'm so spoiled I may not get a 360 until Natal comes out. The reason is simple: Sony is as good...well okay much better...than Microsoft in first party development devoted to the console.

Hellsvacancy3491d ago

Poor bots, still trailin behind this gen "but the sales the sales" u aint gonna b able 2 use the excuse 4 much longer


ps3hasonlyflopgames3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Best Library Ever lol...

The software line up of ps3 has been very poor since 06. Really dont know why ps3 fanboys love hyped the flop games of ps3 ;)

Funny that how in 2010 almost every media outlet said that it was the year of ps3 but now if someone says that ps3 has a better line up than the 360..

damage control much?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3491d ago

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Trebius3491d ago

If you cant see that the PS3 is easily the best console to own for playing GAMES, then you're a fanboy retard. PERIOD.

360 has had 3 decent games the past 6 months, and theyre both multiplat.

PS3's games cant be topped, quality at its best.

I personally dont even want the fanboys to get a ps3, they dont deserve to play such amazing titles since all they know how to do is keep trash talking them without playing them. haha.

MAG, GoW3, Heavy Rain, and & GoW Collection are 4 games I just recently got, and they're ALL GOOD!

On top of that I have another 20 games, and more than half are exclusive to PS3.

The PS3 has the best library because of QUALITY, and because of EXCLUSIVITY.

avengers19783491d ago

PS3 fans have known this for some time, but it's nice to get some respect.

mal_tez923491d ago

teh PS3 haz no gaems!!!

Wah, wah !!!!

I've known the PS3 has the best games ever since I played Uncharted, MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 1 & 2, and Tools of Destruction.

Since then, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, inFamous, Demon's Souls, Quest for Booty and A Crack in Time have given me even more pleasure.

Honesty I didn't like Heavy Rain and am not too interested in God of War 3, but I know a lot of others do like them.

DigitalHorror813491d ago

The PS3 has the best library ever? Well of course, considering I have 36 games for it. Some of them exclusives, some multiplats---ALL tons of fun.

Bill Gates3490d ago

As if the BABOONBOX3FIXME ever had a chance.....AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

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GR8 13491d ago

Japan only country that loves ps3 everywhere else it's getting its ass whooped.

Hellsvacancy3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

U love your PS3 news dont ya, i mean, u seem 2 appear on nearly every PS3 related article, i think u got a secret hard-on 4 Sony, your just in denial

ArcFatalix3491d ago

PS3 is the king b1tch deal with it, we dont wanna buy 100 bucks 360 from walmart, dvd player.

lh_swe3491d ago

The 360 is logically more popular in the US just like the PS3 is logically more popular in Japan. You are always going to adopt the consoles made in your home country quicker.

But I am using logic to argue against you, and that couldn't work because you are using what is called fanboy logic and that can't be negated.

BYE3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Here in Europe the 360 was hot in 2005-2007. Now it's all about the PS3.

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