Critical Gamer: God of War III: review

Critical Gamer writes: In case your internet's been cut off for the past month and you hadn't noticed, there's a veritable army of fanboys foaming at the mouth every time God of War III receives a score lower than 11/10. Can this be put down to blind love for big name format exclusives, or do we really have something special here?

So far as God of War goes, it's business as usual here; an ultraviolent roaming beat 'em up with occasional puzzles and lots of growling from your avatar Kratos. Although the game ostensibly makes use of Greek mythology, it actually has little in common with the relevant legends bar place and character names. In fact if we're going to be picky, we might as well point out that the devs have confused Heracles with the Roman equivalent Hercules…

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Jim Crikey3498d ago

Wow, a review that's positive but doesn't say it's perfect!