Gran Turismo 5: Insane Lighting Effects And A Looking Around In A New Video

A new video of Gran Turismo 5 shows insane lighting effects.

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GodFather873493d ago

Will there be a Limited Edition?

marinelife93493d ago

Even down to how the light reflects off the helmet inside the car? Polyphony is the most detailed meticulous developer I've ever seen.

TheLastLevel3493d ago

That avatar pic looked real then I saw the video. Wow, just wow.

Hotel_Moscow3493d ago

wait the picture is not real''my mind its blown''

silverbeld3493d ago

Simply one word. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

sikbeta3493d ago

Gran Turismo 5: The Perfect Driving Simulator

jidery3493d ago

This is better than anything i have seen. THis is better than all PC games

2Spock3493d ago

Odd how people are either just not going to say anything or not seeing the shadow problems that occur in every video i have seen of this game. I really hope they fix this, cause just to have some buggy shadows that would just take away from the near perfect graphics.

aaron58293493d ago

I could care less about the shadows in a replay of the driver.

WHile i'm racing, my eyes will be on the road... if i watch a replay.. i watch how i perform and where to improve on each and every turn of a track...

This vid is just to show how detailed the guys at PD are... head movements, hands shifting gears.. shadows even in c0ckpit.. reflections of the drivers helmet and visors...

But i doubt anyone will use that replay "view" .

Kleptic3492d ago

they are not buggy shadows...its the fence he is passing to the drivers right (left on screen) happens on lots of tracks, pause it when its 'strobing' like that...

it happens with trees too...people kept complaining that the shadows were pitted with holes for no reason...pausing it at the right time showed it was individual just looks weird sometimes when the car is moving quickly because the shadows pass over the car and driver within a frame or two...

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silent noise3493d ago

omg !!!!!look at how the light effects change while driving !!!!

Wrathman3493d ago

im hyped about this game..but at the end of the day its just a driving game.

besides being pretty its the same as forza.

thief3493d ago

Wrathman, asbolutely agree with you. Other than being prettier, 2x the number of pixels, better lighting and car/interior models, 2x the number of players in online, better damage and physics model, night/all weather racing, Nascar/WRC and 2.5x the number of cars, cant see what GT5 does that Forza doesnt

Redrum0593493d ago

stunning as usaul. and why ppl hate on this game i wander.

St03493d ago

Probably because they don't own a PS3 but wish they did

kancerkid3493d ago

I couldn't care less about graphics.
Let me "feel" the car riding the track hard, and let me feel the torque of the car.
Until then, I am not too psyched about this game because graphics just don't mean anything in a racing game.

nycredude3493d ago

Graphics don't mean anything in this game? The why are you checking our a thread with the title "insane lighting effects"? Why not just go back and play pole position then?

Rock Bottom3493d ago

You gonna have to be driving a real car on a real track to feel that.

thedarkestfaction3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

How do you feel torque on a videogame???? Does it throw back into your couch when you hit the accelerator??? No, what you are trying to comment on are the actual gameplay physics.

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soulzero3493d ago

Definatly has the advantage on this.

retrofly3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )


Or did you forget the <sarcsm> tags?

Michael Myers3493d ago

omg i cant wait for this game! graphics are going to be amazing, i dont think ill ever go back to any racer after playing this! ever. check it...check it.... play beyond... with the real driving simulator, you thought move was the wand? well ps3's the terminator.

thedarkestfaction3493d ago

FlAME ON!!!! This game will be unreal!!!

Godmars2903493d ago

"FLAME-OUT!!" You mean. Forza 3 wasn't winning arguments against GT5P, its just stupid to even attempt to compare it to this.

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retrofly3493d ago

Beautiful. Lets hope the gameplay matches the graphics.


Biggest3493d ago

What is this "hope" you speak of? When has Gran Turismo NOT been the most accurate racing simulation? If it isn't the best racing game in every facet. . . What am I saying? It's Gran Turismo.

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The story is too old to be commented.