New DX11 techdemo previewed: Stone Giant

There is a new techdemo around the block showing DirectX 11 graphics power. Stone Giant rivals Unigine Heaven 2.0 and should arrive in two weeks. First screenshots and videos haven been emerged.

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meetajhu3493d ago

Impressive. But good only when seen on Real time instead of compressed videos

dirthurts3493d ago

I love tech demos. I wonder if they'll release a playable version?

Convas3493d ago

I hope that game comes out on consoles, it looks pretty tight. But they need to post HD vids that can stream to Windows Media Player or something, the quality of the youtube video is pretty poor.

dreamtheater873493d ago

What game? This is a tech demo for DX11, which requires one of the soon to be released DX11 GPUs, which current gen consoles obviously don't have.

sloth4urluv3493d ago

I have personally been waiting for Tessellation for a while. Having some modeling background experience this will open up a whole new level graphical scalability in games.

dirthurts3493d ago

Dx11 = pc only.
And it's not even a game. It's a tech demo...

Chris_TC3493d ago

A console running this benchmark would probably implode or disintegrate.

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hellboy18803493d ago

Very cool.

Kind of looked like a giant stone Necron.

fullmetal2973493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Trying to compare a TECH DEMO to a final retail game. Stop trying flaunt the PS3's power and come back to me when it plays games at true 1080p and has a dx11 GPU.

dreamtheater873493d ago

What does that have to do with anything? Oh there's a rock giant in GoW3 as well... What's your point?

likedamaster3493d ago

Uh... I noticed vaseline all over the Titan and nothing but low-res textures behind Kratos, your point? The DX11 demo craps all over your Gow3 video. I swear its always a delusional ps3 fanboy that has to 'go there' every time.

evrfighter3493d ago

lol did he just post a video of a les-res giant?

hoops3493d ago

You are actually comparing a DX11 tech demo to God3? LMFAO
That was a good one. DUDE...dude...The PS3 cannot even play 5% of its games in REAL 1080P with REAL HDR and REAL AA sampled a minium of 4 times. And you have the brass tacks to make this post? LOL
A $100 ATI 5xxx series GPU is more powerful then the entire PS3.
Maybe you need to lay off the crack pipe just a bit

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The story is too old to be commented.