Sony Comment On LittleBigPlanet 2 Speculation

Sony have commented on the recent speculation that Sony Benelux brand manager Folkert Langeveld has confirmed a sequel to LittleBigPlanet.

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SpaceSquirrel3491d ago

LittleBigPlanet is one of my favorite games on the Playstation 3. Can't wait to see what MM comes up with next.

mjolliffe3491d ago

There will definitely be a sequel, but not just yet I doubt. The first game is still alive with DLC!

movements3491d ago

Man! That's a game I need! My wife loves it!

kevco333491d ago

GOTY edition isn't even out in Europe yet! Get that out, then start thinking about a sequel...

Yi-Long3491d ago

Sony hates Europe. SCEE is awful.

Besides, even the GOTY-ediotion still doesn't have ALL the content on the disc. Sadly.

Yi-Long3491d ago

... and absolutely loved the game.

However, the huge DLC 'milking' kinda put me off.
They could have really used this game to market other games and movies and such, with free content and such, and thus creating a huge great positive hype and 'unclockables' and such.

Like when you buy Motorstorm 2, you get a code for some free LBP costumes! Buy MGS4, and get a code for the LBP level-pack. Buy the watchman Blu-ray, and get some codes for the free Watchman LBP costumes.

Also, developers could have been allowed to use this game as a tool to showcase THEIR talents with a LBP-level, and give their fans something they might like. So maybe Tecmo could have done a few Ninja Gaiden inspired levels, and Capcom could have done some nice levels as well.

LittleBigPlanet should have been the absolute must-have and centerpiece of the PS3-experience, with just 'love' and 'sharing' in mind, throwing something nice and fresh and new and FREE to their gamers each and every week!

Instead, they went for the greedy quick buck. Such wasted potential :( .

Next time, I will just wait for the game to hit budget-price.

midgard2273491d ago

yeeeaaah cuz trying to make money for ur work is bad. do u work for free?

and they already made tons of free costumes, that and while ur idea is goood it wud cost to much money for no reason.

how many vouchers would go to waste if they were in each and every watchman blu-ray? making, someone has to make those codes, and someone has to make space for them, means someone is getting paid.

sounds like a greedy gamer no? :)

NOW wat i wud like to see is more lvl packs and less costumes, costumes are cooll, but i want more design tools, tho they did just do the water pack so i shudnt complain :)

Yi-Long3491d ago

1: Sony also still needs to sell BluRays, right!? So you might sell more Watchmen BR's when you throw in goodies like this.

2: Sony wants to sell as many copies as possible, right!? Now if your average gamer notices that all the LBP-promotions with cool free stuff and interesting levels etc etc are being thrown around, it might encourage more gamers to go out and buy LBP, plus also buy these games and BR's which has free content for their LBP.

So IF a gamer is on the fence about buying Motorstorm 3 or not, extra content like this could probably convince them to get it. Same goes for movies.

3: With weekly free goodies and updates etc etc, you keep that community alive, which is what you want, so that way the game will be selling for years to come. Now, if it keeps selling, you can keep the price a bit higher than usual as well. If interest for a game fades after a few months, price drops down to 25 bucks pretty quickly, right!? Right! So if the interest keeps up, you will also be able to keep the price at a certain level, which is where you make your money.

4: it creates 'goodwill'. Capcom makes a couple of great free levels for LBP!? You will like Capcom a bit more, thus increasing the chance to 'support' that company when they have a good game out!
It's a form of advertisement that WILL stick in players' minds, IF done right. Advertisement costs money and effort too, right!? So why not invest that money in this kind of 'advertisement', so people will actually enjoy and remember it!

Give me a year at the head of SCEE, and I would turn their bad reputation around!

HowarthsNJ3491d ago

You'd still be waiting.

Wish I had more free time for playing.

Yi-Long3491d ago

... Why? Here in Europe, LBP was probably available for 30 bucks or less within 3 months of it's release.

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THC CELL3491d ago

LBP cost almost nothing and to this day they can give u this game free and make money off DLC what is very good

LBP2 will be amazing
i hope to see a feature with the move where u draw ya objects and also
i want 3d mode with first person view
and able to hold object like guns bats
Just think of a little big planet with custom baseball field yes get loads of glass and plate to smash up hehehe would be fun

All object are real time also
as in 4d
yes cardboard would get wet and soggy in water
glass when dropped would smash
and wood that is set on fire and burn the whole level
water can be placed anywhere
ok maybe for LBP3 hehe lol

Redempteur3491d ago

"LBP cost almost nothing"

NOt true AT ALL

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