Microsoft Throwing Money At JRPGs Hasn't Paid Off Says Pachter

As most gamers know by now, Japanese Role Playing Games or JRPGs have done great on PlayStation platforms. They haven't had a stellar run on Xbox 360 mainly because said console is not selling many units in Japan and although the JRPG base is huge, it's still a niche.

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champ213500d ago

Certainly hasnt. Microsofts doing so badly in Japan it aint even worth comparing them to the other two console makers.

Jamie Foxx3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Has anyone else noticed all the negativity towards the 360 from pachter recently? He follows trends,when 360 was the hot console for a couple years he would bash ps3 (who remembers sony might release a bluray less ps3 to garner sales?),now ps3 is selling like crazy and giving us games like u2 and gow3 his now constantly talking negative about 360.

His such a idiot.

captain-obvious3500d ago

hell to the FU*kin NO
there is only one captain obvious in here patcher
and thats ME

crck3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

@1.1 It must be fun to make sh!t up about people as you go along.

1. Pachter has always been fair.

Defending the PS3 against claims that it will end up like the 3DO back in Sept. 2k7 at the top of the Playstation 3 media hate:

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter agrees. “It’s a pretty stupid (and unfair) comparison,” he said. “3DO was a new platform, no brand ID, not compatible with legacy software, and with no first or third party support. The PS3 has a great brand, a loyal customer base, is generally backward compatible, has a ton of third party support, and an ever-increasing number of good first party titles. I hope the industry veteran was kidding. If he was serious, he’s a fool.”

He also said just last month that he thought Natal would outsell the Move. Obviously that isn't pro PS3.


2. Pachter never said Sony was going to remove the blu-ray drive. That was Mike Hickey of Janco Partners. So yeah, you're probably the only one that remembers Pachter saying that... Maybe you should be more careful who you call an idiot and check your facts.


siyrobbo3500d ago

They were at least semi-successful - They sold 999,999 more consoles than I thought they ever would

The only chance MS has now is NATAL and a slimmed console, and if they cant make that a success, they will never be successful in Japan

Natsu X FairyTail3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

it hasnt paid off because the sales of the xbox360 are still low in japan but it still a big step from then.

Last gen Xbox dint have any good jrgp in my eyes and I couldnt care less about microsoft's console because I owned a PS2.They changed all that this generation with a great numbers of Jrpgs/rpgs and that's the main reason I picked a xbox360 when it was still new.

If them having a new fanbase buy their console at start not paying off I dont know what is.

sikbeta3500d ago

Thanks for Being SO OBVIOUS Patcher... and you realise, NOW!?

Danny Dan3500d ago

I like Pachter. You guys act like "nobody" asks him questions... and he "doesn't" answer them.

Obviously, some interviewer asked him "if Microsoft’s investment was worth it." and he responded.

Quit giving the guy so much sh= all the time. (Not all, just some)

Cueil3500d ago

they are doing much better than before... every inch counts

Lightsaber3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Systems sold in Japan

PS 4.91
360 1.27
wii 10.08

If you compare it to wii yes the 360 sales are extremely poor. If you compare it to the ps3 its not so bad with you take everything in to account. The ps3 has sold roughly 4 times as many systems as the 360 in japan. How In the states the the 360 has sole almost twice as many as the ps3.

LO sold 0.83
FF 13 .067
SO4 0.61
BD 0.54

Dont know that they are system salers but those are not bad numbers of a niche

AAACE53500d ago

First I would like to say that I don't doubt MS threw money at some developers to put their games on 360!

But you have got to notice that there is a market for Rpg's on the 360. Just look at the sales of games like Oblivion, Fable 2, Fallout 3 and the Mass Effect games!

The problem is that most of the Jrpg games look cheap and have no noteriety. Not to mention alot of people seem to feel that the traditional Jrpg formula is old and isn't what gamers want nowadays, hence the change in direction for FFXIII.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here though!

lelo2play3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

All JRPG's have sold poorly in the next gen systems. Besides Final Fantasy 13, i can't think of one JRPG that had good or great sales in the X360 or PS3.

JokesOnYou3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Rome wasn't built in a day....this is not majic folks, Japan has a deep rooted culture that identifies with its heritage as the pioneers in gaming, its like Cubans and cigars, you're simply not going to go to Cuba and sell an American brand cigar and expect most Cubans to not kick your azz or at least laugh at you, no matter how good your brand is recognized elsewhere outside of Cuba. You earn success by failing alot but continuing to work hard to appeal to folks in a market that is culturally biased against you. Micro has succeeded in doing better than the original xbox and they've had some small success stories here and there, the next xbox will be a success if it sales a reasonable amount more than the 360, and so on. The key is MICRO HAS GAINED ALOT OF LEGITIMACY AND BRAND RECOGNITION WORLDWIDE BY STAYING IN THE JAPANESE MARKET, thats all micro NEEDS to do, anybody expecting the 360 to take off suddenly vs nintendo or sony under the circumstances is crazy.

Now imagine if micro didn't bother with ever releasing the 360 in Japan, or if they quit so quickly, the *real headlines(not the fanboy war BS, that nobody outside n4g cares about) everywhere would be that micro themselves do NOT believe in their own product enough to even muster the fortitude to TRY and compete in Japan. So why should Japanese devs and gamers everywhere take them seriously? lol, you kids don't know what you talking about micro does better for their reputation by STAYING IN JAPAN AND LOSING VS QUITING. It's not anymore expensive to stay their either vs anywhere else, simply maintain a balanced marketing campaign and console shipments in relation to the sales trend, try to bring a decent Japanese centric game to the platform every now which will at least maintain the small sales you have= realisticly is good enough for micro in Japan, so anybody who knows the business understands what they're up against which is exactly why they should continue doing exactly what their doing in Japan, eventually the Japanese people will give them credit they deserve, also micro's doing very well everywhere else so I nothing to worry about.


darthv723500d ago

you make an interesting point. In spite of the lackluster sales in japan MS has stuck it out and seems content to continue to do so. That speaks volumes in character when faced with the obvious cultural stigma that is japan. you have to give MS credit for trying so hard when any other company would have just up and left.

On topic, the JRPG market isnt what it used to be. Throwing good money after bad is something MS is not alone in when it comes to that genre.

BYE3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Microsoft should just withdraw from Japan, seriously.

Japan will never accept a foreign console unless it's really high quality with state of the art technology.

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immortal843500d ago

hadn't set the world on fire, i guess it was a good try from Microsoft to win the RPG audience, and it made the Xbox360 library of games more varied. I'm glad that Lost Odyssey existed (I loved this game).

Lich1203500d ago

Im not a very big JRPG fan, but I did enjoy Lost Odyssey very much. It's the only JRPG I own and I have both a 360 and PS3.

Kahvipannu3500d ago

Agreed, LO was really good game, it really didn't get the attention it should had have.

mjolliffe3500d ago

I'm liking Pachter a little more these days, but he's being a bit obvious with this one...

Foxgod3500d ago

MS had obviously hoped that J-RPG developers would offer the same quality of games they had in the past.
Sadly J-rpg developer have hit the slums, and that didnt benefit the 360 at all.

If Japan would still be capable of creating great rpg's, then the 360 would have no problem to get over with the Jap audience.

Jdoki3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Surely there's more to MS' failure in Japan than simply a lack of decent JRPG's.

I thought Blue Dragon was great, and certainly had many of the elements that traditional JRPG's should have. One day I intend to pick up Lost Odyssey as well, as I hear it's fairly decent.

It seems Japan just doesn't like the Xbox for some reason, whether that's nationalistic pride, the wrong product mix, or something more I don't know.

When the Xbox1 failed to sell, one of the reasons I heard was that the box was too big for space concious Japanese homes, in comparison to the PS2 slim and Gamecube size... And that was one of the reasons the 360 was smaller - but the PS3 has proved that's a fallacy.

Certainly MS have done better with the 360 than the Xbox1, but whether the 720 and so on will do any better I don't know. MS must be concerned with just how many generations they can keep plugging away at Japan for almost no return on investment.

However, saying that... There's one sure fire way to get Xbox's selling in Japan... Exclusive deal on Dragon's Quest.

Redempteur3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

You sir ...have no idea what you're talking about ...

The problem isn't the quality of jrpgs but the problem lies in the target demographics for 360 ...Jrpgs aren't doing good on the 360 , yet they are strong on playstation .
Also if the 360 hadn't horrible or rushed version of their games ( star ocean , ff13, eternal sonata ) or just bad games ( yep it happens , like last remnant) things would have been différent ..

Some games instead of being jrpgs tried to please 360 players and failed HARD ..
Meanwhile, disgaea 3 , valkyria chronicles , ff13 , white knight chronicles have very solid sales on PS3 ( ff13 being one of the fastest selling FF in some countries ).

The only reason was microsoft throwing his money needlessly ...
Jrpgs are still strong ...but 360 players don't care .. at least not as much as the rpg fan waiting on playstation for jrpgs to delivers like during the ps2 times ... and so far they delivered ..
//now escuse me if jrpgs are dead for you , because i don't care about that analysis since i'm waiting for trinity universe , atelier rorona , valkyria chronicles 2 , ff13 versus and ar tonelico 3

blue dragon is a good game , it is simply a dragon quest in disguise , there even was a anime in japan and some ds games ...
See , it was popular enough to get an anime adaptation yet never helped the 360 to launch . The game is not at fault , the console is.

Dragon quest games power is strong in japan but unless the game is exclusive to 360 ( and it will never be ) sales won't change

Nicaragua3500d ago

I actually agree with Foxgod on this one – all the recent JRPG’s have been nothing special, and when you compare them against the true next gen RPG’s like Mass effect and Fallout 3 then they are looking a bit sloppy.

I don’t know if having a killer JRPG would have massively affected the 360’s sales though as Japan seem very loyal to Japanese companies, and rightly so.

sikbeta3500d ago

Did anyone READ that!?

So, "IS NOT M$ Fault, is just The Japanese Developers", right?

Just Unbelievable... and the Only Jap-Dev that is going Down is Square-Enix and that's only for The Sake of [Westernisation], Wada's Plan to Dump Original JRPG-style games in order to "expand" SE games, but as everyone knows this is not going anywhere...

Redempteur3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

So what ??

Suddenly ff13 !

Suddenly white knight ( online co-op! done right )
Suddenly DEMON'S SOULS !

I mean yeah enjoy fallout and mass effect as they are good games .

But you have to be blind to not see how jrpgs went next-gen as well..
Even tactical jrpgs experimented some huges changes ( valkyria chronicles ).

@at the disagree fairy
Please tell me how mass effect is a true next-gen rpg and ff13 or demon souls is not ..
i'm waiting ...

kancerkid3500d ago

@ Fox

Resonance of Fate
Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy 13
Infinite Undiscovery

RageAgainstTheMShine3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

its the FPS era now

FPSRPG yes maybe but JRPG, no

better stick with your FPS M$

Nicaragua3500d ago

Dude, demons souls is nothing like a typical JRPG and so shouldnt really be included as part of this conversation, great game btw just nothing to do with what i mentioned.

Now im sorry man but i think FF13 and WKC are pretty crap and dont get me wrong, i was hyped for both of these titles but they just didnt grab me and are now at the bottom of a very big pile of games.

Now im not saying all JRPG's this gen have sucked - Valkyria was awesome how it evolved the turn based genre but that was the exception - not the rule. FF13 for example is a massive step backwards, it has less features and gameplay than its predecessors !

So yeah, in my mind JRPG's have not evolved into true next gen games. FF13, WKC, Disgea, Star Ocean...etc are all last gen with a lick of next gen paint.

...or not in the case of Disgea

Biggest3500d ago

How the hell does a genre step-up to next gen? It's called a JRPG for a reason. It's a gotdamned Japanese Role Playing Game. What is the difference between Call of Duty and Call of Duty 4? Better graphics and some online play. The nature of a RPG doesn't allow for online play in most cases. What is left other than graphics? The JRPGs that have been recently released are mostly solid and in some cases great. When PS1 was in its prime it was the same. When PS2 was in its prime it was the same. The only difference here, and it is proven game in and game out, is the system demographics. The Xbox crowd loves a certain type of game. JRPGs are not that type.

Nicaragua3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

We've already answered your question.

Demons Souls evolved with new its new take on co-op gameplay mechanics and a realtime combat system with immense depth.

Valkyria Chronicles evolved by fusing turn based combat with real time action.

Fallout 3 evolved by its sheer scale and by its FPS based combat.

Strangley enough all these games are universally hailed as being mind blowingly good games, FF13 on the other hand is being touted as average or lacking - along with Star Ocean, WKC and the various other JRPG's.

Im not saying all these games suck BTW, im just saying that they werent anything amazing and i think thats why they didnt sell many Xbox 360's in Japan.

Also i gotta disagree that RPG's dont allow for co-op - again Demons souls, WKC show thats not the case. I would love for more RPG's to have an online aspect, Guild Wars was an amazing RPG on the PC and that was built around multiplayer.

Redempteur3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

lol demon soul is a jrpg.
it's a unique game ..full of epic moments and of fresh air for the genre for some people but it's still a jrpg.

Jrpgs are evolving with the times and even the exemples are overflowing !
White knight ! demons souls ! white knight !valkryria !
All of them are trying new things
All of them are up with the times ( graphic, sounds , gameplay )
All of them pushing the jrpg genre toward the top

i don't get why you're putting demon souls aside when it's the prime exemple why you're wrong

Nicaragua3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Read slower - i didnt say Demons Souls wasnt a JRPG, i said it isnt a typical JRPG and its not, in fact its far closer to a western RPG like Oblivion.

Also I fail to understand why you are mentioning PS3 exclusive games in a discussion as to why JRPG's didnt help with Xbox sales in Japan ?

None of the JRPG's that were released for the Xbox 360 as timed exclusives had any of the innovations that you mention, in fact they were far from innovative.

I get that you have a lot of passion for JRPG's but try and keep what you are saying within the context of the discussion.

Redempteur3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Why ?
because foxgod said this and youseems to agree with him
"Sadly J-rpg developers have hit the slums".

This is not true.

My position is :" jrpgs are still strong , j-rpgs devellopers are still delivering good games look at the games that were released recently."

when did i talk about ps3 exclusives ????
i only spoke about rpgs ..
it's natural that i speak of rpgs i've played

On 360 , there is ( jrpgs ):

-blue dragon
-infinite undiscovery
-last remnant
-lost odissey
-tales of vesperia
-eternal sonata
-star ocean 4
-enchanted arms

i might have missed some but i think i have most of them..

I can only talk about star ocean , enchanted arms , tales of vesperia ,eternal sonata and last remnant . Wanna know why ?
except last remnant that i played on PC , i have all of them on PS3 ..but even if they aren't bad games ... i gave you examples why the j-rpg genre isn't dead ..

I think that the jrpg genre is strong and is doing well ..if i wanted to talk and give you even better exemple , i would have talked about "THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU " because this is another shinning example why J-rpgs can be innovative..

The genre is strong because we have many good titles being released . They CAN innovate in many areas and the genre was never dead ..
After playing all these games i don't see what make them ill ,sick or dead ... FF13 is a shining example of good graphics and it tried many originals things with his battle system and story pacing ...( how it works is up to you )
And when i see demons souls and white knight i see very good NO-MMO online games.
Look again ...dragon quest 9 ..don't you see what they added ?

There is many titles getting released each year i have barely the time to play them all ( as a fan ) [currently waiting for tales of graces and atelier rorona US annoncement ] so the genre is far from being dead IMO .

LOOK the examples are here , be it on 360 , on ps3 , on ds , on psp Jrpgs are still being strong and any serious fan of jrpgs should be happy RIGHT NOW.

Now it's true that the jrpgs haven't helped the 360 at all in japan , seeing how the sales of each game did to their respectives consoles ...

"Don't you dare trying to make me a fanboy when i'm just a rpg fan "
if you still fail to understand , read my first comment here on this discution

Godmars2903499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

If any, MS is probably partly responsible for JRPG devs hitting a slump as far as JRPG development on HD goes. Wanting titles for their library, but not caring for quality.

Handhelds having the same power as the PS2 is likely the other reason.

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silverbeld3500d ago

'Microsoft Throwing Money At JRPGs Hasn't Paid Off Says Pachter'

Lol, so obvious.