Custom soundtracks confirmed for ModNation Racers

Chuck Lacson, the Associate Product Marketing Manager of SCEA, confirms that the upcoming Playstation 3 racing game, ModNation Racers, will support custom soundtracks.

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captain-obvious3490d ago


this and GT5 shows that Custom soundtracks can be done on the PS3
developers just need to put it in there

Jamegohanssj53490d ago

Confirmed that I'll actually be buying this.


Alex_Mexico3490d ago

Wait, we already know Gran Turismo 5 will support custom soundtracks? Is that true?

Redempteur3490d ago

yep GT5 support custom soundtracks ..even GTpsp support custom soundtracks.
MOd nation supporting custom soundtrack is also full of win ...

sikbeta3490d ago

This Game is Going to Be a Huge Blast, I'm all for it...

rambi803490d ago

Already pre-ordered (rachet + clank skins come free on amazon)
Waiting patiently

Ravage273490d ago

4 player splitscreen
2 player splitscreen online
Custom soundtracks
User generated content(track,avatar,kart)

UFG should be proud of themselves, this game is set to become the ultimate kart racer this gen

FantasyStar3490d ago

If they add LAN Support on top of all that. It's a guaranteed buy on my end.

ThatArtGuy3490d ago

Burnout Paradise. Zen Pinball also supports custom soundtracks plus ps3eye video chat while playing.

OpenGL3490d ago

Of course the PS3 CAN do custom soundtracks, most games just don't support it. I only have a few that do, and it kind of disappoints me. Sony really should have made it a requirement for all new games alongside trophies in 2009.

raztad3490d ago


Makes sense NOT to have it mandatory. No every game needs custom soundtrack and in some cases it may go against immersion. Yeah there are some instances where the developer was just lazy and didnt include it, but games like Demons Souls, Dead Space dont need it, I can't see it working in GoW3 either.

OpenGL3490d ago

It should be up to the user to decide if they want to listen to the game's original soundtrack, or their own music. Say I'm replaying the game for trophies, why should I not be allowed to listen to my own music?

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redsquad3490d ago

Cool! Needs some Benny Hill music to go with those visuals!

FantasyStar3490d ago

I was thinking more "Mika" or some non-instrumental Ratatat - Tropicana.

Alex_Mexico3490d ago

The one game that needed it the most (Little Big Planet) didn't support it.

My mind still boggles everytime I think how LBP managed to ignore such a simple feature.

TheBest3490d ago

LBP supports it but only in the menus and in create mode.

Redempteur3490d ago

Like killzone 2 , Lbp support custom soundtrack only at some moments because the devs of each game relied on the music to create the ambiance in each level ..
Simple as that ..

redsquad3490d ago

Imagine the copyright nightmare if everyone uploaded a level with their own music track?

FantasyStar3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

How about, instead of controlling how we play just give us total access over the custom soundtracks and let us decide when to listen to it. It's not like everyone starts the game playing Custom Soundtracks: thus wasting dev-effort in their own music. I only turn on my own music when I'm tired of listening to their music. Not the other way around.

Guerrilla should've done the same thing. I'll decide when I want to listen to my music. If it ruins any ambiance, it's my bad, not theirs. thanks.

Redempteur3490d ago

Well when they go out of their way to create perfect 7.1 expérience ( uncharted, killzone ) they kinda want you to listen to it at least.
As for LBP , allowing custom music but not proving a way to share it along with your levels would have made a lot of people angry ... when they have plenty of copyright issues preventing them for doing so.

Case in point LBP : the game support it wery well , no problem nor bugs ... but when copyright something they can not overlook .

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galgor3490d ago

the power of custom soundtracks shines again, i'm officially definitely buying this BECAUSE of this news :D

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