Splinter Cell: Conviction Digital Deluxe Edition

Direct2Drive has listed the Digital Deluxe Edition of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, now available for pre-order. The upgraded edition packs extra goodies including the Infiltration game mode, Shadow Armor and three exclusive weapons. as well as offering the same pre-order deal as the standard version which includes a free copy of the original Splinter Cell.

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champ213497d ago

Agreed DRM sucks. I wouldnt buy it till they removed the DRM. However if i had to play the game, id still take this over 576p.


I don't give a crap about the DRM thing if the game is worthy. What is turning me off is that everytime I see a pic of this game I think of the Punisher game (the last gen one), not about Splinter Cell...

I still can get it to my PC, but it's getting more unlikely by the day...

keltickennedy3497d ago

But personally, I think im still going to pick this up for PC. Especially after seeing some of the coop videos where the framerate slows to a crawl on 360. Reminded me of how bad Chaos Theory coop would get sometimes.