Japanese Game Industry on Track for Another Record Year in '07

Although the Japanese video game industry had been in decline in recent years, the state of gaming across the Pacific has definitely seen an upswing. Last year set a new record for the industry with over 600 billion in sales. According to the first-half report sent to GameDaily BIZ by the Famitsu Marketing Data Service, 2007 is shaping up to be even better.

"The size of Japan's gaming market during the first half of 2007 expanded 25.8 percent over last year, to 318.96 billion yen, with a 67.7 percent spike in hardware sales (to 153.72 billion yen) and a 2.1 percent increase in software sales (to 165.24 billion yen).

This means the country's gaming market grew at an even quicker pace in the first half of 2007 than it did in the same period of 2006, when an all-time yearly sales record was achieved with 625.79 billion yen," Famitsu said.

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FreeMonk4309d ago

if Microsoft added much to this achievement??? Somehow, I don't think so.

I think a majority of it is due to the Wii and DS, with a little sprinkle of PS3!

PS360WII4309d ago

hmm sounds like a lot of money for gaming companies is still in Japan.