Motion Controls for the paralysed via PSEye Hack.

From Instructables:

EyeWriter System Requirements
The goal of the hardware component of the EyeWriter project is to make the most simple and inexpensive eye-tracking head-set possible to use with the "EyeWriter" software suite.

Obviously, there are numerous ways to make eye-tracking hardware. Many of these designs, especially those produced for academic research projects (Open Eyes ), have already been published openly on the internet. There are also commercial products available -- costing in the range of ~$20,000 US or more-- that are specifically designed to enable quadriplegics to communicate using their eyes.

This project is an attempt to address a gap in the development of low-end eye tracking systems, ie to make a super-cheap, eye-tracker that could be made by almost anyone, almost anywhere. This instruction set details how to make your own solderless eyetracker for only $50 dollars using a hacked PS3 Eye and a cheap pair of sunglasses

Follow the link to learn more.

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DJKGBYF3493d ago

Wow that has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen.

ChozenWoan3493d ago

Just to see if I can be even more lazy and post on here without having to type. ;)

captain-obvious3493d ago

Sony should implement that in the PSeye as a standard

mauleriscool3493d ago

Liked seeing the software at work capturing his eye. Pretty inspiring story I must say.

Raoh3493d ago

pretty amazing stuff

just checked more of their videos on youtube