Microsoft: Natal Does Not Discriminate Against Living Rooms

Many were writing off Project Natal after Techflash's report on how much space was needed, a whopping 13 feet deep by 13 feet wide by almost 9 feet high! You might have thought, "what was Microsoft and the Xbox Team thinking?".

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green3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

been countless video posted on N4G journalists playing Natal standing about 5 feet from the device? Look at the Natal break dancing video on youtube the guy is like 5 feet from the device and it still works.

EDIT: It's really hilarious seeing haters make a full of themselves trying to bring down Natal everyway they can as if the device poses a treat to their very existence.1st it was Natal does not see black people written by Gamerzine/deep and then on and on they go.

Why don't you all wait till the device is ready, games have been shown , then you can write you smear articles on this device. In fact, the more they keep doing this, the more hype and publicity Natal will get which will only work in it's favor.

siyrobbo3495d ago

The only tech demo's we have seen involve one person stood in front of the camera, what about 4 player party games? how much distance are we going to need for that?

I suppose since nothing has been finalised, and nothing final has been shown, we'll have to wait and see before we can make any assumptions

I remain sceptical, but only because i don't want to be dissapointed like i was with the wii

Projekt7tuning3495d ago

To bjornbear, Open mouth insert foot. On topic. It was amazing how bat [email protected] everyone went when the first article was read wrong or to fast. Im looking forward to Natal and Move, but Im going to wait till I get to use them myself and there actually available before passing judgment on them. We as gamers should do the same.

sikbeta3495d ago

Discriminate? way to use that word improperly, I mean you don't Discriminate an specific place of the house or a stuff like that, or am I wrong?

JokesOnYou3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

JokesOnYou - 4 days 2 hours ago
Ignore1.13 - Well, as usual you sony folks are making a big deal out of nothing...
Of course it depends on the type of game being played, even the Riccochet videos with dev's, media playing on Live TV have the players standing closer than 13ft, so thats probably just the maximum recommend space with 2 players playing in one area of course you want to make sure there is enough space, when I see folks play the wii I don't see them playing in a cramped space with a coffee table and a couch sitting close to the TV. So why would you think a hands free full body game NOT require a decent amount of space, but either way not all games will be Riccochet type games, and most of us on n4g aren't particularly interested in those types of games/casual stuff that Natal will have anyway. The games that I will likely be interested are the ones that will just utilize gestures, head tracking, voice recognition etc in conjunction with a standard controller which won't require anymore space than normal to play, but yes I imagine a full hands free games like say a tennis game will definitely require you to have the ample space which makes sense to me.

lol at the "OMG I don't have enough space to play Natal" comments from sony folks, who for the most part have said a 1000x's they're not interested in Natal, yet here they are=

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-lol, micro's being nice when they say a miscommunication, if you actually read what they said an applied just one ounce of common sense it was clear what they were saying, but of course if you're looking for any reason to hate Natal naturally you're going to twist everything in a negative light.

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Wrathman3495d ago

there you have it droids

rawd3495d ago

Kotaku to the rescueeeeeeeeee. Changing your bot diapers

Convas3495d ago

This only became an issue because the Fanboys made it so. I was never concerned, as people pointed out when this issue first came up, The Break Dancing guy was NOT 13 Ft. away.

-MD-3495d ago

I would only have about 5 feet of space in my bedroom. If I have to though I can always play it in the living room.

1233603495d ago

yeah at 5ft away the red balls bounce of your head only,thats what i call interaction.

-MD-3495d ago

They need to just make a wall mount or a tv clip or something so you can position it as far away from you as possible.

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