Inaccuracy: The Wii Remote's Greatest Strength?

A Bitmob contributor argues that the Wii Remote's less-than-1:1 accuracy is a primary reason for its mainstream success, and a necessary stepping stone on the way to Sony's Move and Microsoft's Natal.

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Tolkoto3490d ago

You know what are always accurate? Buttons.

Sadie21003490d ago

I never thought about it, though I'd still say more accuracy is always better. Wii motion plus really helped wii sports resort!

Gungnir3490d ago

I think Red Steel alone makes the point that less accuracy is NOT better.

JamesDeRosa3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

One to one accuracy isn't the reason anyone played the Wii in the first place. It was the ease of use that drew people in. Making the controls more precise only skews the difficulty in mastering them back toward regular controllers.

bbretterson3489d ago

1-to-1 is a fun novelty, but I've never liked it as a sustained gaming experience.