Steam Discount Left 4 Dead 2 50% Off

Left 4 Dead 2 is 50% off on steam up until thursday, grab it while you can.

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champ213496d ago

In case any of you wanna pick up the four pack its up for sale at 74.99usd its a steal imo.

Specially with the new DLC coming out.

evrfighter3496d ago

ya im definately buying the 4-pack

$18.75 a copy is a friggin steal. It's a good day to be a pc gamer. This is cheaper than what I was originally wanting to pay for L4D2.

champ213496d ago

Dont forget the dlc is free on PC too. Thats even more saving per copy ;-)

Gish3495d ago

Almost pulled the trigger, but I really didnt play the first one all that much... Just couldn't get into it.

champ213495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

did you try the versus mode on the first one?

if you didnt then you have no idea what you missed. Versus mode is the real game.

Also use the "`" key to open the console, then type "openserverbrowser" to look for servers with low ping etc, look for versus games. This game is the most fun i had with an fps in a long time, specially when playing as the infected.

ThanatosDMC3495d ago

Anybody want to start the exclusivity discussion again? Nah, it's hopeless.