PALGN: Yakuza 3 Review

PALGN writes: "The Yakuza series has long been a cult franchise in Western gaming, as its unique blend of open world beat em' up action, fused with elements of role-playing gaming - and a storyline that'll make any soap opera writer green with envy - leaves many Western gamers unsure of what to make of this strange beast. Interestingly enough, it has taken 12 months for the title to get a localised release in Western nations and in a somewhat perplexing move on its publishers part, the title has found itself sandwiched between some of the PlayStation 3's hottest titles of the moment in Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III meaning that many will overlook it in favour of its newer, prettier counterparts. But for those of you that take the time to delve into what it has to offer, you'll peel back the many layers of this game to find a uniquely Japanese video game with a hell of a lot to offer."

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