El33tonline Review: Karaoke Revolution

El33tonline writes:

"Karaoke Revolution for the PS3 (also on Xbox 360 and Wii) is a reboot of the long-running Konami series of singing games. Past Karaoke Revolution titles have been true to their name, featuring covers of songs which the player sings along to, but this title features the original tracks by the original artists. This is a vital improvement in my opinion, and it's what has always set the Singstar series apart in the singing-along-to-music genre. Still, given a choice between a Singstar disc and this one, I'd go with Singstar for a number of reasons, chief of them being the Singstore. Yes, Karaoke Revolution has downloadable tracks, and they're a bit cheaper than Singstar ones (R10 compared to R15 each), but all the downloadable tracks at present are covers, and there are less of them."

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