Gamestop threatens customers with Xbox kill bugs

Gamer Limit writes "It looks like Gamestop employees are trying new tactics in their everlasting "get people to buy an in-store warranty" campaign. According to a customer, a Gamestop employee claimed Microsoft was sending out kill bugs for Xbox 360 consoles to fry their motherboards, and the only way to protect against this was to buy an in-store warranty."

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thedoctor3501d ago

This is ridiculous. I'd love to hear that Gamestop employee try to explain himself.

MazzingerZ3501d ago

It's like the "disc-scratching" warranty they have started to offer at least here in Scandinavia, and of course all parents buying the games pays that extra EURO "just in case"

When they offered me that warranty for Uncharted 2 I told him, "what? are you kidding me, you need a samurai sword to scratch a Bluray disc"

HolyOrangeCows3501d ago

Well, the "MS will kill you console on purpos!!!" thing was unnecessary paranoia. He could have just said, "They're prone to failure, you might want a warranty"

That would have been fine. Gamestop employees just never seem to know what they're talking about.

bacon133500d ago

How naive of a consumer do you have to be for a Gamestop employee to say "Xbox360s are crap and break so you should buy a warranty". Wouldn't you tell him to STFU at that point and walk out of the store?

Lightsaber3500d ago

Funny thing is the sony has been rumor to be doing this for years to all of there electronics. If you dont believe me just google "sony killswitch"

sikbeta3500d ago


a samurai sword to scratch a Bluray disc, that was an awesome response, Bubbles


Gamestop, that's LAME...

evilmonkey5013500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

didn't Microsoft actually do this? I know it was to screw with the modders, but this story is a half truth. 1 million consoles disabled!

vhero3500d ago

Anybody who doesn't buy an extending warranty with a 360 is asking for it..

funkycoldmedina3500d ago

@MazzingerZ - LOL at samurai sword comment. (+Bubble)

PinkUni3500d ago

ive bought so many consoles over the years and they still work like brand new, they will not die

and suddenly these games consoles go on the internet and they're dying like hotcakes.

has the rrod or the ylod really stopped people from buying consoles? no. is it going to make them millions of dollars to do this? yes.

if you're an intelligent person you should be inclined to think that they are doing this on purpose to make more money.

if you were making a product that never broke you'd be out of business. its just like drug companies who'd rather see you on a pill for the rest of your life then cure something once.

danielle0073500d ago

The disc warranties are actually a good buy for some people. I never suggest it for PS3 games, but you'll never imagine the amount of 360 owners that buy a brand new game, take it home, and give it the circle scratch. That's not covered in the 30 day free guarantee, but if they put a couple dollars down, they can bring it back in and get a brand new copy, no questions asked.

So paying $3 extra on MW2 or Final Fanstay or BF:BC2 or any other game that you're going to play the smack out of anyways, if you scratch it, we replace it for another brand new copy, instead of you having to go pay another $60 for another copy. It's really an amazing deal if you think about it. Plus, I know sometimes my little cousins drop their Wii games, and they get scratched to hell. It's very good for kids..

And, sometimes asking PS3 owners slips out because we normally ask all the customers, just to try to help them out. I always correct myself after, but sometimes it does happen.

Alvadr3500d ago

Im sure its just an isolated case with some employee desperatly wanting to hit his target.

With internet sales, and digital distribution, game stores are having to rely more and more on pushing its warranty sales. Cant blame em for trying.

I dont know how things are in the US but here in the UK games can be far cheaper to purchase online with free delivery, and with a pre order you usally get a day or two before release.

PaLaK-3500d ago

GAME and GameStation are two shops which are like the UK version of Gamestop.. I don't know whether Gamestop owns them but I know that I never shop there - and encourage my friends to boycott them. They constantly whine/complain and scam casual gamers, and parents who don't know anything about gaming. Just sell games to friends/ on eBay and buy games online!

Ausbo3500d ago

are you stupid? microsoft or sony would never purposely break thier systems. You say they would make more money?

Thats false. Actually microsoft lost billions because they had to extend the warranty.

No company makes money on thier defects.

mastiffchild3500d ago

Ausbo-had Pinkuni been talking about the origins of ALL these stories he might have been onto something. IIRC it started with someone saying that car makers could produce closed system engines guaranteed for practically forever which could have meant a car for life(at least in the days it was rumoured) but with consoles already having a finite lifespan any time your gamers spend without games consoles they paid for is time you won't make from them. Software is where the big coin comes in for MS or Sony and giving out free months/years of Live subs as apologies etc from MS alongside that warranty REALLY did cost them.

PirateThom3500d ago

Re: Game insurance.

My God of War III has it, but I only bought it because my friend got me a staff discount on the game and he needed one more insurance sale to meet quota for the week and it was his last day in that week, and the game still worked out cheaper.

£3 is a lot to spend on a PS3 game for insurance though.

PinkUni3500d ago

you understand that they can pretty much make up that money in no time right?

lets see now 360 had about a 50% failure rate, how many millions of consoles did they have to repair before that extended warranty where people had to pay Microsoft directly and how many people bought completely new 360s instead of sending the stupid thing in?

you know that its only 3 years right? if they're still breaking as much as they do, then a billion dollars is a small price to pay if they need some extra cash.

that link didnt even have any cited sources so whos to say they didnt lie and the billion was the total microsoft would be spending on all of the xbox 360's production?

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DangerCurtis3501d ago

Another reason to shake my head at GameStop; it's no wonder why they're closing down all over the country.

Ziriux3501d ago

Personally I wouldn't be sad at all if GameStop went out of business for once.

monkey nuts3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Lol! Was my first reaction to your comment. Let me just inform you why: Previous consoles used lead based solder. This gen does not. Google it, thats why my snes still works (probably?) and my 360 and ps3 have had to get shipped for repairs (both launch skus and once each so far)
*puts tin foil hat back on*

themizarkshow3501d ago

Although I'd just blow it off, I'm sure that rants like that have gotten plenty of new gamers and parents buying consoles for their kids/family to waste extra money they could have spent on a game or extra controllers.

chrisjc3501d ago

It's sad how much corporate pressures people in regards to PRPs, and the like. It turns perfectly nice people into mean pushy salesmans - and they can't ignore the requirements if they want to feed their families.

It's the main reason why I got out of sales as quick as possible.

Ziriux3501d ago

I feel you on that brother. Best Buy and Circuit city are best examples of that, except the employees at Circuit City didn't meet the requirements and the company fell under, in addition to bad management.

ryano232773501d ago

Its the company telling all workers they need to sell X amount of these per day/week etc.

You get an employee who understands what he is selling, he'll get sales by just talking games. Too many of these employees aren't natural salesman, don't understand the product and sound like idiots.

lightningsax3500d ago

There are people on this site that will make the usual 360 joke (and I'm prone to do that at times), and there are people who have been in the retail scene before. It can drive you freakin' nuts.

There have been a few Gamestops I've been to where they're trying to sell me everything under the sun and I just feel awful turning them down; the result being I enter a store and subsequently feel awful, because most of it is pure BS. The low-wage guys know this. They're not making commission or anything, they're making maybe "a possibility of winning a dumb prize" at best, and "not getting fired" at worst.

It's rough. Retail managers have to push their workers to sell stuff that people don't really need (aside from moms with insane little kids), and even the managers know it's a tough deal for a low wage. But if they don't do that, they either get kicked out or the store gets closed down. It's a bit easier in an affluent place or a densely populated area, but even then you're going for some percentage over the past year.

It's stupid to lie about some kill bug, but a few of us out there understand why someone would go so crazy.

FragMnTagM3500d ago

I have been in sales since I first started working. Nearly every sales job I have had required a "quota" of sorts. I did exactly what you speak of in all my jobs. I became knowledgeable about what I was selling and didn't worry about meeting a quota and was not pushy. Listening to the customers wants and needs is the most important part, and being knowledgeable about your products is the two ingredients for a successful salesman.

Sure, you can hype the hell out of what you are selling and sell a lot, but usually only once. If you want return customers, you need to be truthful with them. +Bubbles

iceman063500d ago

I agree with both of you that knowledge and TRUE salesmanship is what is needed in sales. The RETAIL sales market is a different beast. It's about volume and pressure and corporate demands. The product itself isn't really as important as PUSHING add-ons and extras. I have a friend that is a manager at GameStop and they receive corporate email weekly on what is to be pushed. There are no quotas per se, but I can't count the number of conference calls that he has taken with regional management over his store NOT pushing product "X" enough or why service plan "Z" is not up to standards. He is of the mindset that he only sells what the customer truly needs or helps them find what they want...which sounds like good business. But corporate just sees dollars falling through the cracks and NOT the fact that he has a HUGE customer base that only trust him and his store.
I have worked on BOTH sides of sales and I HATED the retail side.

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Ziriux3501d ago

Wow those costumes are something special I must admit lol.

Now onto GameStop, they're tactics are getting a bit old, and so are there gimmicky deals that are ripping off people and have been for the last five years.