The Argument Against a Gaming Girlfriend

Golgotron says, "I'm sure many of you have thought how awesome it would be to be able to sit down and play your current obsession while having your significant other be just as into it as you are. After careful consideration, I think this would suck. Let me be clear about this; I'm not talking about your girlfriend that likes to play Wii, or grew up playing King's Quest, or Choplifter – we can all get along with those girls just fine. I'm talking about a REAL gaming girlfriend that gets wet when thinking about ripping off Helios' head in God of War 3. A girl that can crush in 2D fighters, and can hold her own in Quake 3 Arena. Dating someone like that would present an interesting conundrum."

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Uncle Rico3493d ago

Clearly this guy has never had a girlfriend before and is just jealous

Myst3493d ago

Just look at those eyes! She won't let you play the game not until she's done with it...

Tyetan3492d ago

I have this exact problem, that why I own two 360s and two PS3s. I even have two copies of Uncharted 2. I hate sharing!!! It's like when I was a kid, I would save up for a new console only to end up having to share it with my sister. My advise is stay away from gamer chics, their just as expensive as regular chics.

Uncle Rico3492d ago

Good luck with the gay life

toaster3492d ago

"that girl you like probably won’t mind playing Rockband or Guitar Hero: Sh!tty Emo Band Edition with you"