Eat Sleep Play's New Title Is "Straight Up Action" Says Jaffe

David Jaffe and his gang at Eat Sleep And Play are cooking up something serious. It's a game of course, one we have no idea what it really is. Is it an RPG? "no" Jaffe said while speaking to Geoff Keighley on Bonus Round, it is however, "action" packed.

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LordMarius3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Damn it, Give me Twisted Effin Metal
enough with the riddles

HeroComplex3494d ago

I know. All these hints/teasers are getting annoying. We all know it's Twisted Metal, so just tell us and start giving us pics/video! Stop acting like we're all clueless.

Kerrby3494d ago

Full of action? Does it sound like Calling all Cars to anyone :D?

Syronicus3494d ago

The game is going to be awesome. He walks the talk so there is no doubt that what he brings to the table will be fun.

sikbeta3494d ago

It'll be Twisted Metal, just wait ans see...

guitarded773494d ago

Just imagine how sick of his riddles we'd be if he hadn't taken his temporary vow of silence...

Come on Jaffe, let's get this game announced.

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Cajun Chicken3495d ago

Wouldn't it be funny if Jaffe wasn't making a new Twisted Metal but actually making the supposedly new instalment of God of War?

Obama3494d ago

As much as I love GOW, I think Krato's long journey should have came to an end. Making another gow, whether it be prequel or sequel, would just be pushing it.

-Alpha3494d ago

Just go online, blast wretched sinners onto Sweet Tooth noobs and simply cause utter destruction. Online on TMB PS2 was awesome fun, imagine it on the PS3.

I hope they include split screen online too.

A change in the wind3494d ago

Honestly, show us what we want to see, or shut the f*ck up. Nobody cares about these stupid little clues anymore. Just give us Twisted Metal PS3 already!

kaveti66163494d ago

It must be a sequel to a pre-existing game. Here's my train of thought.

A new IP needs a lot of publicity, especially the title of the game. If Jaffe were working on a new IP, he would have announced the title and released a substantial amount of information a long time ago because it's important for the sake of commercial success. And Jaffe, like any other developer, wouldn't want to see his game flop because of lack of advertising.

A sequel or iteration in an already popular gaming franchise doesn't need as much publicity as a new IP. This means that Jaffe wouldn't need to go around embedding the title of this game into the media because it already exists and is popular.

So, taking all of these things into account, and noting that Jaffe hasn't openly revealed the game for as long as he's been working on it, I'm going to assume it's a sequel to an already popular franchise.

voice_of_ reason3494d ago

Your train of thought is pretty solid, and I agree with it. However, (there's always a 'however' lol) There's a chance that his game gets released farther down the line than we think.. and that later on is when we will see a 'media blitz' for his new IP. However, I don't think this is the case... Jaffe is very good at making fun car games and he stated he wanted to make a game sorta like Warhawk (size-wise). A Twisted Metal online only game seems logical. Perhaps a remake, as some think, or a whole new concept... but I think you're right, It's going to have a Twisted Metal name on it for brand recognition.

boysenberry3494d ago

Just announce the new Twisted Metal PS3 already! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.