CSM: Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects Review

CSM writes: "takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which an asteroid has landed on Earth, bringing with it (surprise!) giant mutant insects. You take on the role of one of four different varieties -- scorpion, mantis, spider, or a flying ant -- and trudge through various landscapes, battling similar creatures. By defeating enemies -- and crushing buses, lampposts, and other objects in your path -- you earn points redeemable for stronger body parts, special abilities, and custom colors. Players can play head-to-head with up to four in tournament matches or play through a solo adventure. When two creatures meet, the game shifts to battle mode, a split screen environment. You control your insect's moves by tapping and dragging the screen. For instance, touching and dragging your creature's head prompts it to bite or spit a projectile at the opponent. A "bonus battle" mode will let players launch special attacks that use powers to damage opponents in other ways such as freezing and igniting. There are also dodges and blocks available, controlled by dragging the stylus as well."

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