IGN: Glasses-less 3D Tech Explained

Yes, a new DS is coming, and while that isn't shocking news in itself, the fact that it'll be packing some form of 3D display is something no one expected. But how does Nintendo actually plan to get the 3DS's images to jump off the screen without using glasses? IGN looks into the technologies Nintendo may be implementing in their latest device.

No glasses means the 3DS's screen will have to be able to switch between 2D and 3D modes and display a solid image - none of that blurry double-vision junk. There are currently three ways of doing this: with a camera, with a motion sensor, or with special screen technology.

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dgroundwater3499d ago

Interesting. I like all three ideas to be honest. The head-tracking camera and the tilt method would need screens with good viewing angles. The sweet barrier one would need one hell of a bright screen to come close to the DSi's.

Either way Nintendo will impress. Innovative hardware is their game. Hopefully good real games will launch with it too. I want a 3D Warioware!

TheTwelve3499d ago

I'm not sure. That's all I'm saying. However I thought the DS would flop and couldn't have been more wrong.


The Great Melon3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I remember reading somewhere earlier today that Japanese new publications were saying (without any sources) that the 3DS would be using a sort of film that redirects the light to each eye. If this is the case, it seems Nintendo is trying to use the parallax method.

EDIT:here's the link looks like they updated the information a little since this morning

haqshot3499d ago

I just hope I will be able to see it given the fact that I'm nearly blind in one eye. I know there is a significant number of people out there who have either have injuries or very poor eyesight in one eye and typically aren't able to enjoy 3D.

Regardless, this will be a gimmick. Just like how Wii motion controls are just a waggle gimmick.

Government Cheese3499d ago

Can't wait to play Mario Kart in 3D on WiFi... that'll be awesome. Turtle shells flying right in your face

likedamaster3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

"The Twelve" admitting he was wrong? Wow. Anyway, interesting tech. That is all.

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RememberThe3573499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

It looked like it was using motion sensors to detect watch way the DS was being turned, and I've got to say it looked pretty damn cool.

EDIT: @Panda: Oh so that used face tracking, got ya. It still looks pretty cool though, Wolf down there at comment 4 posted the video I was talking about.

Pandamobile3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I heard that that was just a DSi-ware title. All that does is utilize face tracking to get a relative position of the user's head.

There's also PC software that utilizes a Wiimote and an IR emmiter hat to do real 3D tracking.

cmrbe3499d ago

This Glassless tech is perfect for handheld because you don't move your head that far off as you would normally on a telly. Smart move my Nin. They did it again.

Either way it should be interesting for Sony to see how the market will respond to 3d gaming abeit on a smaller scale. I think no one saw this coming, not even Sony.

Nitrowolf23499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )
possibly could be like this
this is just a wiiware title

ForROME3499d ago

Seee thats my deal with TVs wearing Glasses makes things a bit of a pain, and who knows if you buy a TV during 2010 if there will be some hardware styled feature thats not upgradable via firmware that comes out later

This 3D thing, someone needs to get some spec standards together so we know its safe to move forward in purchasing products

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The story is too old to be commented.