IGN: The Price You Pay to Play

Rus McLaughlin writes: Why should every game cost $60?

I'm a cheap bastard. Blame my traditionally tightfisted Scots/Irish heritage if you want, but you'll never see me spend $20 if I can get it for $19.99. When there's something I want, I arbitrarily decide how much it's intrinsically worth, then I wait and plot until I can nab it for that price. Or less.

That makes me the mortal enemy of the entire video game industry, because I don't rate every console release as worth the $60 price tag. Since nearly all console releases run sixty a pop ($50 for Nintendo titles), that standard applies to as many good games as bad ones. Sure, Bayonetta, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Assassin's Creed II are arguably the gaming equivalents of required reading, and I played the hell out of them. But I won't be throwing down cash any time soon. Not at these prices.

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xbotpleasefixme3496d ago

If you can't pay 60 bucks for a game you should be working not pissing away time.