The Mana Bar: cocktails and gaming a potent mix?

OXXGN reports: "If there is a heaven, and I'm not saying there isn't, I think that it most certainly would have video games lining the walls in a bright and fantastic fashion.

Friendly and fun people would definitely be a requirement of this great beyond- no fools or rude people ruining all your fun, not to mention perhaps some fun cocktails to share with your new heaven-buddies.

Well, maybe heaven might or might not be like that, but the Mana Bar certainly is. It just opened last Saturday to the great appreciation of Brisbane's gaming community."

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REALgamer3492d ago

I'm sick of bars and clubs that just chuck on generic techno and strobe lights.

Gaming sounds like much more fun. And it doesn't hurt that The Mana Bar on any night of the week seems to house a lot of Brisbane's game devs.

They should set up a temporary one at E3!

XboxOZ3603492d ago

Now that WOULD be cool, plus, I'd like to see after some time elapses, other ManaBars opening in other major cities. Which I'm sure has crossed the guys minds more than once I'm sure.

It would only take dedicated individuals in each city, willing to put into the business, either by themselves or through investors, and could expand the whole GamingBar Culture across Australia, and then perhaps even globally.

Hey, I like to think Big-picture . . .can't blame me for that. I;'d be in on the expansion if asked and could front the money!

XboxOZ3603492d ago

Ilove the fact that Aussies like to mix it up in such social ways. What a way to spend a night, clubbing, gaming, drinking (within moderation of course) and simply having some good old fashions fun.

Plus it shows that gaming is not just a kids hobby, but in fact, part of a huge adult entertainment sector . . .

gaminoz3492d ago

I think it'll be more social than the other meat market clubs. But probably still dominated by men?

Belgavion3492d ago

Yeah not sure you'd be seeing many hen's nights there

gaminoz3492d ago

Mind you I noticed the author is female...

DoctorQ3489d ago

I get married, my hens night would sooooo be there, mind you, i would have to look out for my future husband as guaranteed, he'd be there too on his bucks night lol

Great fun place to be, went last night, the bouncer Gabe, totally awesome dude, loves the geeks at the Mana Bar cause we dont mis-behave