Sprint Announces First 4G Handset


"Today Sprint announced the first 4G handset for the US market. Previously known as the HTC Supersonic, Sprint has officially named it the HTC EVO 4G. This thing is an absolute BEAST!"

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Myst3494d ago

Darn, I probably couldn't afford this, but the phone does seem really nice.

LordMarius3494d ago

nice? This thing is OMG!

thereapersson3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Sprint just won the game.

I was reading about this phone earlier today on Engadget. That same article now has over 700 posts; the sh­it hit the fan in the comments section, LOL!

My jaw dropped when I read the specs:

- Android 2.1, running HTC's SENSE
- Front-facing video camera, which you don't EVER see a US-spec device
- 4G wireless for fast data
- Youtube HQ option that auto-detects when you are in 4G coverage, for the highest-possible mobile YouTube experience
- 1GB internal storage; 512 megs of RAM <--- App storage!!!
- 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor


- Full 720p video recording capability, with mini-HDMI output for display on HD screens / monitors
- 3.5mm headphone jack
- 800 x 400 4.3" display

One phone to rule them all. Sprint is even rumored to be working on the capability to use data and voice at the same time on this thing, so hopefully this is just a sign of things to come. I knew that being a Sprint customer would eventually pay off, and this is solid-freakin' gold, baby!


I can't forget, this thing runs Adobe Flash!

duplissi3493d ago

.... damn and i just bought a hero to replace my palm pre that i broke twice...


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washingmachine3494d ago

lol they cant even do 3g right and now 4g,crazy mofos

thereapersson3494d ago

I'm not sure what you are talking about, but Sprint's 3G is among the most reliable forms of 3G service around.

Then again, you're just trolling, so...

duplissi3493d ago



a cellphone carrier fanboy.....

funny thing is i remember reading somewhere that verizon and sprint have a roaming agreement, so effectively sprints network = verizons network.....

hyabusha3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

You just pulled me away from switching/getting the iphone. Thank you!

mrdxpr23494d ago

i know right my contrect ends this summer and i was like sh!t im tired of this crap ... and look they bring out this beast phone .. and what wins me is the 8mps camera with flash like i have a smartphone and a good camera in 1 ohhh yeah...oh and not to forget 8gb card included

duplissi3493d ago

do want.... but i just got the sprint htc hero....