Left 4 Dead 2's 'The Passing' Has A lot of New Content

RespawnAction: "The upcoming DLC for Valve's hit shooter Left 4 Dead 2 was at first only seen as just an added campaign. Recently, however, Valve announced what else would be contained within this DLC, and let me tell yah, it is more than just a campaign."

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electricshadow3495d ago

Awesome news! I can't wait for this!

respawnaction3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

yea dude, sounds great. I can't wait either .

edit: Boy I love stealth disagrees.

solar3495d ago

i love this series. but ive grown very tiresome of its community. play a pub game....if the opposing team doesnt win the first round they rage quit. play a 4v4, the opposing team rushes as fast as they can through every map to win. love the game...hate the players. but i plan on checking out the new content :)

Sillyace923495d ago

Maybe they should just release a new game if they have so much more new content...oh wait

movements3495d ago

Nice, now to get my hands on it!

respawnaction3495d ago

Not if you grab the peelz first!!!

solar3495d ago

i hope not. i love me some Bill

Pandamobile3495d ago

Bill's voice actor is in jail, so, yeah :(

kaveti66163495d ago

what did he do? Zombie killing should be legalized.

Kushan3495d ago

Jail? Crap. That would make a lot of sense. Got a link to an Article about that?

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Greywulf3495d ago

Anyone have any cookies?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3495d ago

I do... and oh yeah... you're still not getting this one the PS3 and also Portal 2, Counter Strike 2 and Half Life Ep 3 :)

Paradise Lost3495d ago

Glad pc users are getting the content FREEEEE.

champ213495d ago

cause it only does everything, including free dlcs.

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