Dragon Age: Origins Awakening Review (

I recently had the chance to review Dragon Age: Origins Awakening. Here is part of the review.

"From the creators of Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, comes an expansion to the already impressive land of Ferelden in this addition to the Dragon Age: Origins world.

Dragon Age: Origins Awakening was overall an enjoyable game, and for fans of the series, or Bioware games in general it is worth trying at least once. The story was done very well and after completing the game, it only made me want to find out what happens next even more. Allowing the player to import their character from the first game was a welcomed option, as it was nice to once again see the Grey Warden back in action after the previous game. Each area was very detailed and much larger than what was expected for an expansion, and all of the new monsters were all very well done. All of the characters voices fit them very well and each one was interesting and entertaining in their own way.

As an expansion to the original game, Dragon Age: Origins Awakening is a great experience and well worth picking up for those gamers that wish to play and learn more about the Dragon Age universe and will easily keep the player entertained for at least 15 hours of gameplay each play through."

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