Rumor: Are Epic Games Getting Into Bed With Sony Japan?

Shaun of OneLastContinue writes:

According to the Internet, and might I add that the Internet never wrong, Sony Computer Entertainment plans on making an announcment at E3 that will be huge. Off the scale you might say. In other news, little over two weeks from now, April 15, Epic Games will hold a press conference to announce the formation of Epic Games Japan. My first thoughts on that news included the two words "why" and "bother."

Then the answer became apparent.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3501d ago

their game engine with Japanese developers?

blitz06233501d ago

I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal if either the Mass Effect or Gears franchise is coming to the PS3. I'd rather here a surprising exclusive from Sony.

3501d ago
masterofpwnage3501d ago

sony you kinky bastards you ha

TheBand1t3501d ago

You're obnoxious and a multiaccount open zoner. Go away.

Aphe3501d ago

Yeah I can't wait either Devil. But then I've played them already, so I don't have to wait.

menoyou3501d ago

Gears of War 3 PS3 exclusive, you heard it here first!

sikbeta3501d ago

Lame speculations, but that doesn't mean that Epic can't work with Sony, since the Company is Free to do whatever with the Proprietary Games and Engines

Ninji3501d ago

Now it's making a bit more sense...

Unreal Engine 3
Gears of War 3
Playstation 3

HeroComplex3501d ago

I'm sure they're trying to do something with Sony in the near future instead of continuing to ignore them. The reason...Crytek Engine 3!!!

They fear the competition, and with good reason. They're scrambling to make everyone happy now.

Varodor3501d ago

it will be payback for ff13

OmegaSlayer3501d ago

As much as I would love Gears on my PS3, and as much as I'm a fanboy, I'm sure Gears 3 won't ever ever ever be released on PS3, since Gears trilogy is too tight to have only the last episode on the system.

What would be smart on Sony's side instead, would be the release of the prequelof Gears of war, with the first Locust invasion.

That would move a lot of Gears' fan into the PS3 experience, and would be quite a boost in sales

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RememberThe3573501d ago

But I suppose it's possible.

jannytime3500d ago

work on your analogies dawg. epic is just expanding, like any good company would do.

GR8 13501d ago

Droids are so desperate for xbox360 game and who can blame them after all their games are all crap not even worth playing.

Lick my feet and grovel and i just may put a good word for u droids to EPIC for Gears of War......that is if u only lick my feet lol.

eagles19903501d ago

What in the blue hell is wrong with you? You sick freak....

Def Warrant3501d ago

Why the troll fest mate? seems you've been scarred by some Sony supporter. Either that or you're incredibly pathetic.

young juice3501d ago

don't be mad cause microsoft owns none of the company's that make all of their good games.

don't be mad cause microsoft doesn't own any of their critically acclaimed games other than halo.

Sillyace923501d ago

isn't that a picture of Casey from the show Chuck?

Ace_Pheonix3501d ago

But those straws look like they're grasped pretty firmly. Like, you're not grasping at them at all, they're right there, securely grasped in hand. So then... according to your image, you believe this 'rumor' is a logical conclusion based on the facts? And isn't reaching at all?

TheBand1t3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I could not find a picture properly grasping at straws, but you get the idea. Epic has a good relationship with MS, and I don't really see them changing horses in the middle of the race, much like I doubt Insomniac in vice versa.

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Def Warrant3501d ago

Epic has been very vocal lately. And the odd thing is, they have been speaking quite openly mainly about Sony and Heavy Rain. I really think they are planning something associated with Sony. Don't ask how i know? i'm just going by recent activities.

trancefreak3501d ago

A hunch??? Cmon man its killing me to know your an epic insider in disguise :)

Pillage053500d ago

I don't see Gears franchise ever making it over to Sony consoles, but a new IP isn't out of the question when they finish up the trilogy.