Bitmob: Metro 2033 Review

The first couple of hours or so of Metro are remarkable; there are moments early on that hint at what could've been a wonderful experience, but it ends as a perfect example of untapped potential. The touches of harsh realism that apply to both the story and the gameplay are the most unique aspect of the game, but many of minor details add up and hold it back from being as good as it could've been.

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gamester3495d ago

the first day that I played Metro 2003, I decided within 90 minutes to abandon it and trade it in.

(By contrast, I played Fallout 3 in its entirety and all of its DLCs).

I wanted to like the game; wanted to get immersed in its atmosphere.... but a small voice inside kept
saying, this really isn't much fun. The controls felt awkward, the weapons system and ammo supply were barely adequate to cope with the mutants; there was no official game guide (apparently) produced to help one navigate a path through this strange land and heavy Russian accents.

i can understand that some people may like it a lot -- but i simply didn't connect with the game as I did with BioShock, Borderlands or Fallout 3. Something was missing: accessibility, perhaps. Back story, perhaps. I couldn't even relate to my character. Reluctantly, i had to admit to myself that the game was not giving me much pleasure....