Mountain Dew: Peace Walker Edition

"Artwork of the hotly anticipated PSP title, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, will be featured on special editions cans of the Mountain Dew beverage. The collaborative effort plasters characters from the game on cans of the world-famous carbonated drink."

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GameOn3500d ago


cool milk is good though. looks cool.

Ninji3501d ago

They're trying to make us all as sterile as Snake.

DelbertGrady3500d ago

Looks like they are doing a Halo :)

rezzah3500d ago

and star wars episode 1...Pepsi, 7up...and thats all i remember.

thedarkestfaction3500d ago

Here kids gets diabetes along with obesity

no_more_trolling3500d ago

then we would see idiots here talking about milking franchise

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