God of War IV: Modern Warfare? Hidden video on disc.

With the recent release of God of War III and mysterious website, rumors have been spreading through the internet as to what the next title in the series will be. Sony Santa Monica has stated that while God of War III is the last in the current story arc, that it will not be the last game in the series hinting that the next game will feature a new hero.

What many might not know is that featured on the God of War collection disc is a "Fate of the Titan" video that can be unlocked after beating the game on Spartan Mode that hints at a possible sequel and new hero.

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Foxgod4318d ago

Spartans in the future ? :)
Sounds like Halo :D

MediaStinger4318d ago

Didn't even think of that, that's pretty funny. Bungie look out.

cry from the sky4318d ago

this seems intresting to say the least.

blind-reaper4318d ago

that video was there in the original PS2 game so I don´t think it has anything to do to a new GOW.

Action GO FIGURE4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Yeah Cronos dies... then you see him again in Tartarus which is part of the underworld... >.>


arakouftaian4318d ago

i remember that David J.(original creator of God of War) mention God Of War as a FPS, it may be true.

drdistracto7074318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

i just realized, in the video

there is a hole in cronos's skull right where kratos stabbed him

EDIT: looks like someone below noticed much faster than i did

sikbeta4318d ago

lol seems like someone didn't finish the FIRST GOD OF WAR until now....

Blitzed4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Were you not complaining earlier about PS3 fanboys in a 360 thread stating that you wouldn't even bother to look or post in a news story regarding PS3 exclusives? Yet here you are...

HolyOrangeCows4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

What is the army doing in Tartarus?

I was sort of hoping that they would make a game taking place shortly after the end of GOW3, in which you play a human leading one of the few groups of living people, surviving and fighting remaining creatures, titans, hippies, and what-not.

DatNJDom814318d ago


Next God of War will be Kratos brother who was raised in Hades. Remember, at the end of GOW3 when Kratos and Zeus fought. Zeus told Gia that she should have chosen the other one. I think it will be his brother. Educated guess......... Could be wrong though (most likely will be)

beardpapa4318d ago


He had a brother? I remember that scene but I wondered who they meant by the other pawn.

Rock Bottom4318d ago

Are you implying that it will suck...

DatNJDom814318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

If you beat God of War I and you get a video called Birth of the Beast, it explains Kratos's brother. I already have God of War 4 in my head. It might go a little something like this.............

******SPOILERS!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!** *****



At the end of GOW3 Kratos learns of hope and when he does that thing after the Zeus fight, he releases it onto the chaos he made. Athena as you all know was mad as hell because she couldnt rule over men. Now in my scenerio of God of War 4, she entinces Kratos brother to steal hope from man and gain it for herself. I can just imagine playing as the VILLIAN in that game. Kratos's brother looks so bad ass. snatching hope from families, villages, men, women, children. It would be a very brutal and very dark game. Only on PS3! LOL. Just my two sense.

Syronicus4318d ago

As for Fox, Kratos would make Master Chief into mince meat and then spread him on toast and feed him to the titans for breakfast. Chief has nothing on Kratos and is an embarrassment to the title Spartan.

Foxgod4318d ago

Can Kratos survive falling trough a planets athmosphere, crash landing into the surface, and stand up aftwards to fight an entire army of aliens by himself ? :)

Masterchief did that in Halo3.

OT, A futuristic GOW would be interesting, only what would it be based on?
These days theres only religion, cultism doesnt really exist anymore, Hindu is one of the very few left that got more then one god.

Kratos fighting someone with an elephant head doesnt sound very epic.
Personally, A Nordic GOW would be cool, with an awesome iteration of beowulf, fighting off Odin and his buddy's.

bacon134318d ago

Cmon, that video is from the first GoW. Its just an easter egg Jaffe thought would probably be cool as an extra cinema. He probably created the game with no sequels in mind so the cinema should not be criticized with the whole Kratos kills Cronos in Tartarus argument.

CimmerianDrake4318d ago

Really? You want to use that as your official statement of MC's badassness? Well before I give you a better example using Kratos, might I remind you that MC is wearing armor that super enhances every part of his body, making his chances of survival that much greater. Factor in terminal velocity, and MC couldn't fall at a faster rate once he reached that speed, so no that's not a badass thing to survive.


Can MC come back from the dead, what was it, 3 times? Can he fight against 2 different kinds of immortal beings, and kill them all? Can he fight against the entire world and survive, with only his blade as his true ally? Is he bad ass enough to rip off the head of a god and use it as an item? Yeah, didn't think so.

Foxgod4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

MC isnt wearing an armor, he is the armor, hes a cyborg.
Are you implying that robocop is wearin an armor as well?

And MC is made of the hardest compound that exists in the halo universe (created by some old extinc alien race that build the halo rings).

And the enemy's of kratos are not immortal, otherwise they wouldnt die.
Gods are immortal in the eyes of feeble humans :P, doesnt mean they really are immortal.

On top of that, if you could actually kill MC, i am sure they could rebuild him an infinite amount of times.

And why would MC not be able to rip the head off from a god, if MC can destroy giant battleships on his own.

But enough, this is getting queer, we are discussing what fictional character would beat another.
The logical outcome would be that its impossible, the writers from santa monica would never come to an agreement with the writers from bungie/MS about who the strongest would be.

butterfinger4318d ago


Kratos killed Hercules, who was his brother, so are you trying to say he has another brother or did you forget about Hercules?

Chubear4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Going back to that site's forums made me feel dirty, lol. So as you can see, getting dogged on for making even harmless comments is nothing new for me. Closed minded people suck lol

It was funny going down memory lane lol

Raf1k14318d ago

After checking our other videos from the GoW Collection that are linked to this on youtube it's clear it's just an easter egg type thing to get players thinking.

A modern day GoW game sounds interesting but I think I would prefer some sort of dark sci-fi or post-apocalyptic GoW game.

Hooby4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

You are completely and utterly wrong.

MC, as with all spartans, is a genetically enhanced human wearing a powered suit of armor. He is 100% flesh and bone. The suit can be removed and you see a full human.

KiraxYamato4318d ago

did a 360 fanboy get owned by his own game? lololol.

bjornbear4318d ago

MC did amazing stuff

but until he kills God's, kills the King of God's, fights Titans, and gets 500+ buckets of blood poured onto him from killing his enemies

he is no match for Kratos

MiloGarret4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Obviously neither MC nor Kratos stand a chance against Ryu Hayabusa. Breakdown of accomplishments:

Saved the world from evil TWICE.
Killed armies of ninjas.
Killed armies of fiends (really nasty monsters).
Killed a bunch of gods. Went to the underworld, killed several gods for the second time and then killed the "main" god twice.
In all probability sexed at least three (Rachel, Ayane, Sonia) women with hilariously large breasts. Possibly, probably, four counting Momiji.

Has never allowed himself to be killed.
Does not wear any sort of armor, only tight sexy leather.
Relies on no-one (Kratos always relies on someone Gods/Titans/Athena, MC is a bïtch without Cortana).
Didn't break a sweat once in the course of two games.
He did it all with an oversized knife and a badass attitude.

So there.

DatNJDom814318d ago


According to Greek mythology, as well as Hera saying so in the game, Zeus had many children out of wedlock. That mofo just couldnt say no to the pootang. Cant really blame him......... So I referenced that Birth of the Beast video just as an idea of what God of War 4 may or may not be. It even says in the description of the video "Could this be Kratos's next adventure". We all found out it wasnt, but they could and might run with it. Who knows just gotta wait till part 4 I guess. I just typed what I thought would have been a cool idea for part 4.

N4Flamers4318d ago

I agree hyabusa is bad a$$ but in NG for the xbox he is killed right at the begging, he uses the hawk to resurrect himself.

other people often use kratos to get their deeds accomplished. Kratos usually does all the dirty work.

Both of characters get stronger through their battles and games.

ZombieNinjaPanda4318d ago


Seriously if you're gonna try and troll at least get your facts right, now you're just making a mockery of the Halo name.

Masterchief as stated above is a Spartan II, a genetically made super soldier, who is a human, though he was born and raised to fight.

Spartan IIIs are the ones in Halo Legends, the ones who were taken from their homes and then trained to be soldiers.

It is true that his suit has become a sort of exo-skeleton, but he is still human, that suit still can be taken off. He is not exactly a cyborg.

If you're gonna try and troll use some facts kk?

MiloGarret4318d ago

Dammit you're right... I forgot about that.

Well, he makes up for it by killing bosses twice. Once to prove that he can, and twice to prove that he can do it twice just in case anyone doubts him because he died once.


DatNJDom814318d ago

Kratos does kill anything twice because he gets the job done right the first time. Nuff said

dawgsfan1174318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

The Spartan IIs were also take from their families as children not "born to fight". When Dr. Halsey(spelling?) first meets John aka Spartan 117 Master Chief he is playing king of the hill on a playground. Each Spartan II was taken at age six and went through extensive military training. Then when they were older they each went through a series of genetic enhancements which killed nearly half of them but made the survivors the ultimate warriors. After that it was still a few year until the the development of their MJOLNIR armor that makes them so identifiable now.

Sorry but I like Halo and it annoys me when people get the facts wrong.

As for the video as its been stated it dates back to the PS2. Since the developers said they are done with this story arc I think they should move to a different realm of Mythology like Egyptian or Norse. Either of those combined with the right story could be amazingly fun.

ZombieNinjaPanda4318d ago


Hmm hmm, interesting. You sure about this? I mean I have read the books, (it's been a while though) and I remember reading everything how the Spartan II's were trained for combat from birth.

Also that's what Halo Legends (which I saw recently) is insinuating. Though thanks for the correction. Either way, you know more about your Halo lore than some other people ^^

dawgsfan1174317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Yeah Hellangelzx, I wasnt trying to be a @ss just trying to give the correct info. The book "Fall of Reach" has a pretty extensive section on the selection process of the Spartan IIs.

axerated4316d ago

thats pretty clever, maybe it's time for the 2 biggest exclusives to do a crazy crossover that noone ever saw coming, yet has been in development since the dawn of time. maybe...

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Shichiro4318d ago

oh damn lol clever comment...if this spartan came to the future....halo gotta watch out rofl

rogimusprime4318d ago

did this garbage get approved? This isn't really news, that video was on God of War I in the treasures; released in 2005 for beating God Mode i think. Still have the original disc.

Seemed like they were toying around with what direction to go for in the sequels. They showed us the kratos and brother arc, and then the zeus and kratos-mom harpy curse.

Noticed the game hinted at a Jedi twin-esque arc with the zeus comment SPOILER "your pawn has failed, maybe you should have chosen the other one" seemed kind of forced in and Kratos just ignored it anyway.

Still, i love this series and look forward to more games as long as they aren't crap. Was hoping for a survival mode in GOW III. :(

jerethdagryphon4318d ago

fox the cannonical novels...

quoting from fall of reach. first chapter.

"He composed himself and pulled his uniform jacket taut. “I was curious about our mission, ma’am. I
assume we are to reconnoiter something in this system, but why send a shuttle, rather than a prowler or a
corvette? And why just the two of us?”
She blinked and smiled. “A fairly accurate assumption and analysis, Lieutenant. This
a reconnaissance
mission . . . of sorts. We are here to observe a child. The first of many, I hope.”
“A child?”
“A six-year-old male, to be precise.” She waved her hand. “It may help if you think of this purely as a
UNSC-funded physiological study.” Every trace of a smile evaporated from her lips."

that child fyi is the master chief.

definition of cyborg from word iq.

The term cyborg, a portmanteau of cybernetic organism, is used to designate a creature which is a mixture of organic and mechanical parts. Generally, the aim is to add to or enhance the abilities of an organism by using technology.

the definition further states that a human with a pacemaker could be considered a cyborg.

quoting from page 32 same book.
"Slipstream space, and only recently brought out of cryo sleep. The shock of their ordeal must be hitting
them hard, Halsey realized. She stifled a pang of regret.
When they had been seated in the risers, Dr. Halsey cleared her throat and spoke: “As per Naval Code
45812, you are hereby conscripted into the UNSC Special Project, codenamed SPARTAN II.”
She paused; the words stuck in her windpipe. How could they possibly understand this?
understood the justifications and ethics behind this program."

all the spartans are human they are enhanced humans in the same way that games workshop space marines are.

the armor is not part of them.
quoting from page 229 same book.
"Dr. Halsey led the Master Chief inside. In the center of the dome stood an empty suit of MJOLNIR
armor, suspended between two pillars on a raised platform. The Master Chief knew it was not his suit.
His, after years of use, had dents and scratches in the alloy plates and the once iridescent green finish
had dulled to a worn olive brown."

well that should put an end you your assertations that the masterchief is his armor.

fall of reach has him acting without it in various suits of it and oh... full details of what they did, very little is actually biomechanical other then a data port thats in all officers.

to all others sorry for the long post but i do get tired of people who profess to like something not knowing much about it.

master chief is a enhanced man in armor nor more then a gw space marine and a lot less...

Raf1k14318d ago

Maybe the new hero could be a descendant of Kratos.

Kratos Spartan4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

your comment gave me chills for some reason...along with this video.

rucky4318d ago

Perhaps it's from that person he made whoopie with. Kinda makes sense if it did.

TheBand1t4318d ago actually an interesting concept.

TheTwelve4318d ago

The exciting PS3 news these past few days is almost too much. Sony is losing their minds, and that's good for us. lol


EvilBlackCat4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

>>> in my opinion <<<

God of War Story should stay as a mythology and if they mix it with modern history ITS GOING TO SUCK.

Greek mythology is the body of myths from ancient Greece.

The term "myth" is often used colloquially to refer to a false story however, the academic use of the term generally does not pass judgment on its truth or falsity.

siliticx4318d ago

This has the potential to say the least. Dont really know what to say about this.

drdistracto7074318d ago

this is intriguing to say the least