Can Lost Planet 2 Overtake God of War 3 In Terms Of Scale?

Can the upcoming third person shooter from Capcom blow away the bar set by God of War 3 in terms of scale?

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Megaton3496d ago

Hah, no way. Cronos takes dumps bigger than that Salamander in the LP2 demo.

Greywulf3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

1. Post Processing (Object blur, which no 360 game seems to be able to pull off in 5 years)
2. Texture resolution - not once did the textures on a titan blur/stretch/low res pop.
3. # of things going on
4. Shaders, Rock surfaces, water surfaces, skin surfaces
5. Stream loading all of the above
6. Lighting - Which is GOW3's most amazing feat imo.
7. Model detail & Animation

lol @ multiplats. They keep trying, but theres no exclusives to ever respond to sony exclusives, anyone ever notice that?

I hate when these morons just take 1 thing, then pretend "buh buh we can do it too!" No idiot, you can't. Remember frontlines with its 50 players? and Resistance 2 with its 60.. its like ignore all the A.I/THe Graphics/The everything and just focus on "buh we did 50 too!" with lag and unreal engine quality textures.

GOW3 has handed uncharted2 & killzone2 its ass, and most open world engines its own ass. You see something a mile away, you eventually make it there, and backtrack.

These people took time perfecting an engine, and claim its still not what they want. Because they wwanted to make something visually stunning.

Why on earth do you think that capcom can slap together some generic multiplatform engine to churn out games as fast as it can that has to run on a 360 without a HDD is going to provide better anything?

Hell when has a multiplatform ever outpaced Uncharted1 or Killzone2 even?

Beast_Master3496d ago

Can anyone come up with a dumber question than this?

Jedward-3496d ago

What a stupid ass question , like its proven this game is gimped by the 360 already lol no multiplat comes anywhere near gow3

kaveti66163496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

The answer is no, of course, but I'm still excited to play Lost Planet 2. I heard it's going to be a big monster battle every fifteen minutes, if you divide the number of monsters revealed to be in the game by the number of hours (10) the campaign will take to beat.


Again, I pondered in another post why you showed so much needless ferocity in defending a product that you took no part in creating. Like zero, zilch. Remember, you're nothing more than the consumer here. *YOU* don't make the magic happen. You didn't design the PS3. You didn't design God of War 3. You didn't draw any concept art that made it into the game, nor write a single line of dialogue that was uttered in the game. Nothing. Bupkiss.

Nor are you competing against Lost Planet 2, which is also going to be released on the PS3. You have no reason to lambaste the game just because somebody on the internet made a query, which may have sounded ridiculous or was for the sake of flamebait, but nevertheless, it can get the ball rolling on a more civil discussion amongst gamers who can talk about both games with anticipation and respect. You, however, show up with your crazed, idiotic, delusional passion and viciously defend something that DOES NOT need your defending.

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GR8 13496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Yes it can also the game is longer than 8hrs which is a plus for all gamers. Like i mention earlier on my nephew finished GOW3 in a day and had time to return the game for some other game lol it's the honest truth that's how short GOW3 is.

40GB blu-ray disk and they could only fit 8hrs game-play i still find that hard to believe.

At least ODST had multi-player when u finish GOW3 what u gonna do collect f*ckin dust.

wow checkout the GAMER ZONE so many sony butt hurt droids defending a 8hrs game it's hilarious.

Serjikal_Strike3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

you must have forgot by now that ODST was only a 4-5 hr game and your games are in sub-HD...

NO multi plat or 360 exclusive will ever come close to God of War 3!
@ above tell your (nephew) learn how to play on normal or hard mode....just cuz you play halo on easy dont play all other games on easy!

xbotpleasefixme3496d ago

8 hours at most but keep in mind ps turds aren't good at playing games since they don't get many so it's only normal it would take them a little longer to beat it.

ShinnokDrako3496d ago

Who cares? ;)
Even if not like GoW3, Lost2 could be a good game. But it HASN'T to be like the demo, that was a bit.... "not so good" for me (at least i didn't like it)

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