PSi: God of War III Review

PSi writes: "The first thing I noticed was the increase in blood spatter. Ok, God of War in all of it's iterations has always been an ultra-bloody game, but God of War III pushes it even beyond those limits. In one scene where Kratos seems to lose control while killing one god in a long line of his god-victims, you get this crazy 2nd person perspective that's really brutal. Let's just say that the developers got really creative. Another new implementation has to do with how lighting is handled. When Kratos walks out of a dark area into a very bright area, much like the human eye, Kratos' vision will then have to adjust to the change and he'll be temporarily blinded. They also use this to great effect in Kratos' battle with Helios, the sun god."

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shadowboricua3498d ago

The first thing you noticed was the increased blood splatter??? That has to be the stupidest statement I have seen for someone to start a GoW 3 review!

DigitalAnalog3498d ago

HAHAHAHA..... I literally spat my drink on screen when I saw your opening statement. Good call!

-End statement

ironmonkey3498d ago

funny but also a good review