Why players need to stop playing MW2 and start playing BC2

If you're a console gamer, chances are you're probably busy playing games that you have backlogged since this past November. If you are a fan of First Person Shooters, well then you're likely either playing Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2, or both. Both games are very similar in design but when looking at their distinctions, one can see how Bad Company is truly the superior game.

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FragMnTagM3498d ago

These are very good reasons to play BFBC2 over the lame CODMW2.

Hanif-8763497d ago

This is my favorite FPS and i gotta say that i was blown away :-)

monkpunk13497d ago

I love it but...... Why does it take 10 shots with a 50 cal heavy machine gun to put someone down and 2 shots from a sub machine gun? hmmm

Need decent squads forming, last night was the first time i ever had that.

vhero3497d ago

Point 1 alone is THE number 1 reason.. Also reason 5 I quote "Bad Company 2 runs smooth on both consoles. And the leaderboards actually hold merit. Jump into a game of Modern Warfare 2 and you’ll see at least one glitcher/hacker using one of the many exploits that still ruin that game. And to think that Xbox 360 owners have to pay to play on-line! If I were a 360 owner, I would be furious that these people are ruining the entertainment that I have to pay for."

RagTagBnd4453497d ago

PS3 version do not have superior graphics, try to play the game on pc, it only looks about 2-3 times better.

UnwanteDreamz3497d ago

Shoot them in the head and it will only take 1. Lots of recoil with a HMG so you cant just hold that trigger down.

Redlogic3497d ago

I played MW2 for about a week and got bored with it. Its a serious step down from MW1. Anyways, I have BFBC2 for the PS3 and if anyone has a mic and wants to squad up send me a PM.

BattleAxe3497d ago

I agree, I got bored of MW2 after about 2 months and after getting 100% on the trophies. Definately a big step down from CoD4. The maps in MW2 were the biggest let down along with the heartbeat sensors. I really liked CoD: WaW though and I`m looking forward to seeing what Treyarch does next.

badz1493497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

but because of how terrible MW2 is, BFBC2 still is blatantly better than MW2!

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unrealgamer583497d ago

The sad thing is bfbc2's only a part of ea's ownage, Just wait till Medal of Honor comes out.

TheMART3497d ago

Look at all the Modern Glitchfare 2 fans reporting this perfectly legit article bringing up great reasons why BC2 is better than MW2.


The Maxx3497d ago

I agree. I am LOVING battlefield 2. I just finished maxing out my assault character and the vehicle upgrades. The graphics look great in the game combined with the amazing detail of destruction that takes place. The game is just down right brilliant.

P.S. Damn Snipers. The game is riddled with them.

UnwanteDreamz3497d ago

When I don't have a squad to play with I make a game out of flanking snipers and giving them the knife.

Hotel_Moscow3497d ago

the reason i think bc2 is better than mw2 is because bc 2 actually takes skill

all these fools on youtube with their zomng im amzing skills use claymores and stay in one location go prone every time they see some one coming

warp knifing even without commando you still get a sinifigant jump to the person youre knifing

marathon in a cod game should not exist because of size of maps the speed of your character should have depended on the ammounrt of equipment on yuore avatar

all of these things werent in cod4 where the only thing you had to worry about were people who actualy had enough skill to kill you

cod4 i had like 42 kils 3 deaths just from running around

you run around in mw2 you get sho by people camping for kill streaks

mcnablejr3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Every game can require skill to some extent.. if one player is better than the other then that player must have more skill related to the game to be able to beat his oppenent. If a game did not require any skill then tournaments would never happen and the game simply wouldnt function.

Neither requires any more skill than the other, it just takes a different technique to excell in different games..

Edit: @ below... think about what i said.

Hotel_Moscow3497d ago

oh so having to adjust youre sight for bullet trajectory doesnt take more skill

because in mw2 you take a shot its a deffinite hit the only gun that requires any kind of know hot is the f2k

believe me people think their good in mw2 when all they got is 5 kills cand just stayed quiet

because thats what i think i get a good sore then i think about it and most of the kills i got is when i stayed in one are with claymores restocking with scavenger

solar3497d ago

the MW series has dumbed itself down to appeal to the masses, aka 7 year old kids on consoles. whereas BC2 has implemented things like bullet drop and a stress on teamwork.

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The story is too old to be commented.