IGN: Resonance of Fate Review

IGN: "Resonance of Fate is for the hardcore JRPG fan. It can be difficult and confusing, and requires a lot of grinding and heavy lifting to make it through to the close. The visuals and storytelling don't do it any favors, either. I found the battle system to be the saving grace. It's unique and requires a lot of strategy and commitment, even while offering a turn-based system at the core. Resonance of Fate won't go down as a classic RPG, but it will give those looking for something different a nice adventure."

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Big Boss Extreme3493d ago

7/10.. not buying this piece of sh!t

jjl3493d ago

I know you are but what am I?

3493d ago
BldyShdw3493d ago

I think your confused with this...

now that is a POS, nothing in common

GameGambits3493d ago

Let the haters hate, but this is my favorite JRPG this generation. The level of customization both in and out of battle is great, dual voice options, an amazing musical score, solid voice acting, and interesting mercenaries for hire chapter pacing is a nice approach to getting familiar with the characters and the world they inhabit for the story. Not sure if the story will pan out amazing, but it has been fun thus far and the few times the game has taken a serious note it all seems very looming and well written talking about God.

Every JRPG fan should be playing this one and those who felt burned by FF13s linearity fear not, because RoF lets you play the game 4 minutes in with a world to explore and side quests to be had.

kancerkid3493d ago

1.0 is POS, not 7. Do you even know how a review system works? Did you even read the review?

Wow that game got -insert number-, I am not getting that even though I know NOTHING about it.

Sez 3492d ago

I notice that you used the 360 version which is rated at 28 on meta. Yet the ps3 version is rated lower. you Fail to use that one didn't you. Lmao

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Shendow3493d ago

I bet it only got a 7 do to the world map, it is weird on how the game is, I rented it today and everything so far looks awesome but the battle system is weird.

It didn't teach you on how the battle system works, it just throws you into battle, but its is fun but weird in the sametime.

Devil May Cry gun shooting style mix with a Final Fantasy style of turn and a tactic game. It is that weird but in the sametime you can plan to run at your target and choose to jump over it and shoot it.

Plus you can custom weapons, but it has a weight limit, unlike most games. This one as some real life rules to how much some guns can have on it, before it gets to the point of not being a gun that is easy to throw around.

P.S. My score of it is 7.5 or 7.8, it is a good game but it isn't something for everyone.

nolifeking3493d ago

All you have to do is go to the arena and it let's you know everything you can do in combat. Don't blame the game game because you aren't perceptive.

Meryl3493d ago

Actually I prefer the fact that we was given no tutorial of the battle system on the demo, lol, it made me figure it all out for myself, and I got more satisfaction that way, in my opinion it is better than FF XIII, where you spend the first 10 hours learning roles and battle systems techniques, so boring lol, it did not get good till chapter 11

Marceles3493d ago

I didn't like the demo that much, but I honestly didn't understand the battle system that much. I was pushing square and running in a straight line and shooting enemies but didn't know why or what consequences could happen if I did it so much, etc., but I still bought the game. After playing it and understanding the battle system I'm starting to like it. The CG cutscenes are surprisingly good and other than the Bayonetta/Devil May Cry-like one-liners, it's a decent RPG compared to others.

Shendow3492d ago

That was my point -_-, Final Fantasy 13 started showing you what you can do at the first battle you had, plus I finish the Japanese with my first try but don't know what has change from that.

I finish most thinks in the area, so it didn't help much Vs the random things I fought with and when you get hit your turn ends or at least that was what it did to me.

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DigitalAnalog3493d ago

I guess we will never know. Still getting it though.

(But why the hell WOULD THEY CHANGE THE BLOODY GAME TITLE? What's wrong with End of Eternity?)

-End statement

BldyShdw3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

That there is a book or series of books in the UK titled End of Eternity, so copyright and whatnot.

Like I said thats just what Ive heard.

Foxgod3493d ago

The first, and maybe only AAA rpg, besides ff13, will probably be Suikoden.
I really hope that Konami announced Suikoden soon, its been too long since the last one.

xbotpleasefixme3493d ago

Looks like Sega should have paid for more ads on
Oh well the games on PS3 so we knew it wouldn't be that good.

sashimi3493d ago

I just think that the western media sucks at playing jrpg.

nemey3493d ago

but the battle system is kinda weak...

DelbertGrady3493d ago

We have better options. They are called wrpgs.

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