"Sexpert" Says Games Advocate Hate… You Stopped Reading at "Sexpert."

CVG's Tim Ingham went onto The Alan Titchmarsh Show to talk about violence in video games. The people he was debating with included a gardener, an actress/"sexpert," and the former editor for Sun Magazine. To say the debate was seven minutes of absolute rubbish would almost be too kind.

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PirateThom3955d ago

I will destroy all of them.

Beast_Master3955d ago

well I am a sexpert myself.. And I disagree!!

Noctis Aftermath3955d ago

I play violent video games, i guess that is why i have a long track record of violent behaving and sexual assaults... oh wait i just remembered i haven't even been arrested once.....

Jaybad543954d ago

This whole interview makes me ashamed to be english. The majority of non gamer adults think this way over here and its rubbish, they completely close themselves off to any other opinions and are completely one dimensional.

What is he on about you can stop a child seeing a movie but not playing a computer game. Do DVDs not exist in alan titchmarshes world? I should also point out, for people who dont know, this guy started life as a gardener. He had a show called ground force and he used to install water features and pull weeds for a living. Honestly, god knows how the hell he got a chat show. Its crap every day, good thing its on at 4pm so almost nobody sees it.

Gish3954d ago


This just proves that you have played Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed and MGS so much that you can evade authorities after your offenses! Not only do VG's cause us to do more violent things, they allow us to get away with them! So many new cold cases out there.

siyrobbo3954d ago

we all know that socio-paths, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, car thieves, drunks, druggies, never existed before video-games

Before video-games there were no wars, no violence, no crime, the world was a happy place

Oh to live in a world where I can be happy

Darkstorn3954d ago

The people in this interview have been highly misinformed about video games, but I was impressed with how in depth the debate became.

It's sad, though, that American news stations aren't nearly as comprehensive as even a low budget semi-political British talk show.

Army_of_Darkness3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

bald guy-"what thrill do you get out of violent video games"

Entertainment. I tell ya, it certainly beats getting caught in real life and going to prison all your life after chopping people up with my hand saw;)

Old lady- "violent video games promote racism and violence"

I have yet to stomp someone with my physical body weight like mario, or have I attempted to uppercut someone's head off like mortal kombat, or shot one of my black friends in the head after playing RE5... but these "sexpert people"... oooohw! they are pushin it!!

menoyou3954d ago

liberals need to be removed from civilization

AKNAA3954d ago

me and my 4 yrs. old daughter play Resident evil 5 together. we have a blast playing it together! she knows that its only a game, zombies don't really exist and she knows how to cooperate as well as help me out when a zombie grabs me.

all I hear when playing is "daddy, help me the zombie got me!" "thanks for helping daddy!"
so cute:)

I also wanted to prove her mom & the media wrong for the fact that video games do not promote violence, if you teach your kids the difference between good & evil as they play. for example...

one day, my daughter(4 years) was playing GTA4. she was randomly shooting innocent civilians! so I say" Honey, you shouldn't be shooting good people like that, its bad and not nice. your suppose to shoot only the bad people who try to hurt you or other innocent people"

so the next day as I was about to pass her while she was playing GTA4, she turns to me and goes" Dad look! I'm not shooting or hurting any good people because its not nice rite?!"
I'm like yeah, good girl!

daughter- "but those police are shooting me! can I shoot them back??"
in my head(damn, I hate cops)... "sure honey, go rite ahead! Lol!"
okay that part was wrong, but you get my point.

sikbeta3954d ago


That's The Meaning of Gaming Life, +Bubbles...

PaLaK-3954d ago

Just like this TV show - some crappy daytime show which nobody ever watches... so I don't really care what they say/discuss xD

Darkstorn3954d ago

What the hell are you talking about? There are infinitely more overprotective, anti-video game evangelical Christians in the U.S. and the U.K. than there are politically correct 'liberals,' and I've not met one liberal who wanted to ban video games.

There was a study back in '07 that concluded that liberals game more than conservatives anyway (it was due to most conservatives being elderly, though):

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MrMacabre3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

I was gonna go for single but i think this calls for a double...

knifefight3955d ago

I love the headline, haha.

Mikelarry3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

so hard as well. nice title op. i lol anytime i read all thess articles about NON gamers who think they have got the insight into gamers mind. if anyone lets a form of entertainment take away thier common sense then the individual wasnt right in the head in the first place

mirroredderorrim3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

I've read the article, saw the clip and now my reaction;

Galvanise3954d ago

after playing Resident Evil 5, I didn't feel compelled to travel to Africa and shoot a diseased black man in the face. Too much is made of the negative aspects that 'extremists' act on when a big story hits the news about a tragic death.

People often overlook the positive aspects promoted in gaming. Modern games are sociable, promote companionship (RPGs), press emotive buttons (Heavy Rain), provide the feeling of awe and wonder (Flower), make us feel empathy for characters (Aeris' death), as well as being used educationally, and for fitness.

The mainstream media ought to do some reading and try these games before they discuss them. I've always been told 'You can't have an opinion until you understand both sides of the arguement' and the same thing should apply to the media, especially seeing as they can influence millions of people.

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