Mass Effect 2 RPG or Shooter: An In-Depth Look

Early on in the videogame industry, there was a clear distinction between what is and what not a Role Playing Game (RPG) is. An individual would not mistake Mario Bros. or Viper for the NES as RPGs but would clearly be able to point out that The Legend of Zelda was indeed a Adventure-RPG. Today the line between what is and what is not considered a RPG is a bit more blurred as there is a trend of many games taking advantage of many RPG mechanics but not presenting itself as a complete RPG. Take Mass Effect 2 (ME2) for an instance; unmistakably it is more of a shooter than an RPG which has caused a great shift in the way hardcore RPG cohorts views ME2. Conversely, Bioware would claim up and down that Mass Effect 2 is undeniably an RPG with better combat mechanics. For that reason, this is what prompted me to write this editorial, whom is Mass Effect 2 attended for?

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