Can Backbreaker Break EA's Hold Over Football?

Game Rant's Jason Weissman writes: "I'm a National Football League junkie. I buy the NFL Ticket every year with the SuperFan plan, religiously watch Monday Night, Thursday Night, and Sunday Night Football, and participate in fantasy football leagues. On Sundays during football season, I wake up, sit on my couch, and watch football from 1:00 p.m. until midnight.

One of the reasons I was initially attracted to gaming was because of football games, starting with Intellivision's NFL Football (which let you run off one side of the screen and come back on the other side), Accolade's Fourth & Inches, Tecmo Bowl, and finally, the now-dominant Madden NFL."

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NYC_Gamer3491d ago

nope because EA has real NFL teams and players...

Apocalypse Shadow3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

i f#cken hope so.

nfl2k5(xbox 1 version) for life......but back breaker's animation destroys madden.

at above....ever play tecmo bowl?

Grown Folks Talk3490d ago

If you still own 2K5, I have found a website where guys are still posting up updated rosters. When I get home from work in a few hours, i'll post it.

Smootherkuzz3490d ago

Finally a different football game, I still love Madden Football but it is getting a little old year after year. I still don't know if this Backbreaker Football game is going to fill the void but I will give it a chance and hope for the best, from want I've seen so far I like it but the real story will be hands on. I remember the titles mention in this article and a few that were not like Joe Montana and who remembers the virtual football that had the first in helmet view that caused you to get you blind sided every play well this one did not last very long.Madden will always be Madden but we do need something fresh.