Ever Wonder How A MW2 Level Would Work In Real Life? Popular Show Runs Real Pit Test

The popular UK show, The Gadget Show, does a real life test with a map from Modern Warfare 2. How does a real ex-spec-ops hold up?

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ipwnall3501d ago

The specc-ops handles his combat very differently than his virtual counterpart.

ChozenWoan3501d ago

That would be due to the high quality research IW conducts when making a military game.

StarScream4Ever3501d ago

In real life, they are trained not to run in gunning to the trigger, but stay static and from far distance as possible. Slow and steady is the game in real life. But I must say this is pretty close. Despite some questionable spot on the gamer.

3XP3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

That was fun to watch. The Spec Ops guy was dealing with real world safety issues. Staying out of the Enemy line of fire vs running out in the open firing as if you're not being fired back at. (I know that in the pit it's all static targets, but you must train the way you fight in real life, and that's why the sniper stayed static.)
Additionally, the Sniper also risked the danger of richochets with live ammo bouncing off of metal targets. So I can see why he was about 42 seconds. Which was a very nice time for live fire.

I wonder how fast the sniper would be able to do it if he got to practice it 200 times like the gamer has.

Either way, it was a fun video to watch.

@6 below, I know that you are just kidding or trying to make a point, but you really have to be careful when making comments like that. The CIA/FBI doesn't have a sense of

alisound3501d ago

there is no way in hell that the presenter guy did his run in 35 seconds.
he said himself that he got stuck, and i know for a fact that as he was reloading so early on, it would have been impossible to finish under 40 seconds.

what a load of BS that was.

skip2mylou3500d ago

its because time is deducted from not hitting the civilians

MGOelite3501d ago

how the hell is this unavailable??? im from the uk ffs...

MrMacabre3501d ago

Same here man, complete bull!

It's on channel 5 though so we're probably not missing anything good, right :P

Coffin873500d ago

try a proxy.. maybe it helps.

PaLaK-3500d ago

Wtf blocking UK users? The 1 good programme on channel 5 that I occassionally watch - and they block it! screw channel 5

Natsu X FairyTail3501d ago

now imagine if the targets were alive.

poontab3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.