The State Of Game Piracy: Which platform is hardest hit and how?


"As today's gamers, we have the great honour of being a part of the first generation of consoles and games where game development has actually been slowed and or even stopped in some cases due to piracy...

The lure of free games has often outweighed people's morals, but never before has it been so common than present day. Someone who doesn't know how to attach a picture to an email still knows how to get the latest Sims expansion for free. That's why I think we should keep up to date with the current state of piracy and see the effect it's had on each platform."

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BadCircuit3498d ago

Some of the platform's piracy rating were to be expected like the PC but I never really knew that the PSP was pirated more than the PC.

The Great Melon3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Yeah it is really sad. I guess I am one of the small few that actually buys psp games. I love the custom firmware and being able to rip my games and play emulators, but I wouldn't mind giving all that up to see the psp do better and have more games. Sony learned their lesson on the psp and will surely design the psp2 with piracy protection in mind. I just hope they give us a little more freedom with the user interface because I like using all the custom themes alter Xcross bar into something else completely different.

Spiderman3498d ago

Thing is with the PSP, is noone buys games at all, whereas PC users do buy alot of games.

Even Genuine psp owners dont even buy games.

BattleAxe3498d ago

Thats an awesome PC case they show.

I hope hackers don't get to the PS3, and if they don't we might see MS and Nintendo adopt Blu-Ray next gen.

OpenGL3498d ago

The reason game piracy does not currently exist on the PS3 has nothing to do with Blu-ray.

soulraver3498d ago

It does not have all to do with Blu-ray, but some yes, first how many people have Blu-ray drives to burn cd's, 2nd whats the cost of a Blu-ray cd.. plus the drive it self has protection inside the PS3

KUSHman3498d ago

it has everything to do with blu-ray. People are not gonna DL 30-50gb of data just to pirate a game, as opposed to a dvd and its 8gb limit.

Hotel_Moscow3497d ago

not every game has 30 to 50 gb of space and compression usually makes lower than that

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XboxOZ3603498d ago

Given it's use, it's little wonder, and the medium it sues allows such easy copying, it's a wonder Sony even thought of it.

PSP-GO is not catching on like SOny had hoped though, so perhaps it's time for the PSP to slowly be retried from active service . . .

BattleAxe3498d ago

I'd like to see Sony come out with a PSP phone and ditch the PSP. They should learn from Apple.

Darkfocus3498d ago

iphones are easier to hack then PSP's

gaminoz3498d ago

As long as people want to pay less piracy will happen. I didn't realise the PS3 was immune so far. Interesting.

TheForgotten0ne3498d ago

They have hacked it, and there could come a crack for it aswell. But nobody knows at this moment.

DJKGBYF3498d ago

I still think a Blu Ray disc drives aren't that common on PCs yet, don't you need a BR drive to make pirated copies of PS3 games?

kraze073497d ago

"I still think a Blu Ray disc drives aren't that common on PCs yet, don't you need a BR drive to make pirated copies of PS3 games?"

They may not be mainstream yet but Blu-ray drives are becoming common for new PCs and anybody can get one for a decent price on Newegg.

PotNoodle3498d ago

The PS3's brilliant security was a direct result of how they messed up on the PSP. I love the PSP platform, to the point where i even bought a PSP Go, because i actually like the idea of the system, with little problem - except its launch price.

But its hard to ignore the PSP is not even a quarter of what it could of been if it had not been hit so hard by piracy. It is a shame, it really is.

Narutone663498d ago

and I bought another one, the one bundled with GT PSP. I think the newer PSP is harder to cracked. I think it's sad that piracy is prevalent in PSP, if only the games weren't that expensive in some countries maybe they could somehow curve the piracy. As for the 360 though, the piracy is also quite high in some third world countries. I have a friend who modded his 360 so that he could play back up of his games as he said games on DVDs are easily scratched. I told him that he could and will be banned if ever he goes online to play. He told me that there is a switch wherein he could just switch between playing legitimate games and back up games.

rexus123453498d ago

The author did not count DS emulators which allow pirating of DS games on PC

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