Just Cause 2 – Just Cause, or just a Lost Cause?


"It was slightly surprising when an announcement was made that 2006's Just Cause – a game that came towards the end of the Xbox/PS2 cycle but also managed to make an upscaled appearance on the 360 – was going to get a sequel.

The original single-player sandbox adventure title (developed by Sweden's Avalanche Studios) sold a good amount and scored moderately well in reviews, but there was just something unremarkable about it."

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BadCircuit3501d ago

The way that Just Cause 2 is so random is great. That makes the game unpredictable. But a downside is that it makes it more frustrating but I still think the randomization is a good thing.

XboxOZ3603501d ago

I love open worlds that allow you to simply have fun, I'm getting this as soon as I can afford it.

gaminoz3501d ago

The open world genre is certainly growing isn't it?

3501d ago
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