Metroid: Other M's Quirky Controls Explained

Ngamer has been talking a bit about Metroid: Other M's weird (and a bit worrisome) controls in both their podcast and a recent preview, but it might make things more clear if they break them down into chart form, so without further ado.

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EvilTwin3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I've been a little worried about the controls, too...but the number of buttons doesn't really seem to be a hindrance. Seems like a very streamlined scheme, but one that isn't dumbed down, either.

D-pad movement for a 3D game seems awkward at first, but it seems less awkward when you consider the fixed camera system (which frames the action to make it sometimes look like an old school 2D 'Troid -- although Samus is always free to move in any direction).

It just might be crazy enough to work. It's a minimalist approach for a very ambitious game.

SpoonyRedMage3496d ago

D-pad for 3D can work, some games on the DS are very smooth and easy to control... some aren't so much so it really depends on the developer and I don't think the quality of the developer is in question.

eagle213496d ago

I'm sure once we play the game, the controls will work great. We may even prefer them over previous schemes. Can't wait to try. :)