Section 8 Coming To PS3 This Spring; Debut Trailer Released

Blend Games "Well, the time has come and SouthPeak is finally re-acknowledging Section 8 for the PS3 with a brand new debut trailer."

(TimeGate is self-publishing the game)

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GiantEnemyCrab3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

This game was a poor mans Halo and was laughed off of Xbox, maybe if will have better luck on the PS3.. Notice they are self publishing the game because no publisher would pick it up and they are trying to make their money back because they couldn't sucker 360 gamers into this garbage..

@Below: You are right, it is a download only title. Probably should of been that way from the start.

PirateThom3494d ago

I also believe it's download only on PS3.

I'm not sure who wants this or why.

cyguration3494d ago

at the comment about a "Poor man's Halo". Man, that is hilarious.

poindat3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Hahahahahahahaha. No. Nice try at stealth trolling, better luck next time.

Godmars2903494d ago

What? You're not even fighting aliens, just other guys who also in powered suits that can be dropped from orbit.

IF this stupid game just had one level set in space where you had to board and take over a station or ship, it might be worth a second glance. As is its just a waste.

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Stryfeno23494d ago

Droids beg enough and got their wish came true to find a Halo. Haze and now this trash.

PirateThom3494d ago

So, you're saying Halo is on par with Haze and Section 8?

Convas3494d ago

Haze should not even share the letter "H" with Halo.

3494d ago
Godmars2903494d ago

See why you're in the Open Zone: nothing worse than self pwnage...

3494d ago
boysenberry3494d ago

Are you Xbox fanboys still using HAZE as fuel? LOL sad.

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chase1673494d ago

dev's better learn to bring sh!t out day and date on all console

kevco333494d ago

So GiantEnemyCrab and Greywulf have never played it then? I'm not the biggest fan, but it's definitley not a bad game.

Greywulf3494d ago

I played this 360 exclusively on the PC(exclusively?) where the beta test was.

Know your roll.

cyguration3494d ago

I'm assuming from your bubbles you only like certain kind of games for certain kind of systems?

TheColbertinator3494d ago


Yeah he likes the Wii

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