Document reveals Sharp's supposed 3DS screen tech

The 3D display screen allegedly used in Nintendo's new DS system has been researched by tech firm Sharp for nearly twenty years, official documents show.

And Sharp's illuminating research paper on 3D parallax barrier displays – republished here – says that the 3D technology can be used in a number of applications "including 3D games, amusements and image capture".

The document explained how users can switch between 2D and 3D displays, as well as explore the potential of 3D camera technology.

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MultiConsoleGamer3495d ago

Doesn't Hitaci make the screens for the current DS?

eagle213495d ago

"The 3D display screen allegedly used in Nintendo’s new DS system has been researched by tech firm Sharp for nearly twenty years, official documents show."

Good lawd, that's a long time. :)

Kratos Spartan3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

With all the money Nintendo has made with the Wii and DS the past few years, their next console and technology better wreak havoc in the gaming world. My god they can afford to do anything they want.

Noctis Aftermath3495d ago

I doubt nintendo will make the new handheld more powerful then the Wii, the rumor of it being as powerful as the gamecube(500mhz) seems about right.

The Great Melon3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I really look forward to Nintendo's next handheld. I have been waiting for 3D to arrive and flourish for a long time. Hopefully the TV, movie, and game industries will help propel 3D technologies into the mainstream and become something that people down the road will wonder how lived without it.

matey3495d ago

nintendo dont bring something new unless it works amazingly it a fact sony/microsoft are having problems with there motion tech microsoft say u need a 4 metre by 4 metre squared room to get the best out of the tech that crosses 3/4 of there audience right from the start at least sony are getting it almost right i mean these two companys will soon find out how its not as easy as u think to just bring motion controls that are not going to limit what u want to do i mean were seing it already with both devices tigerwoods 2011 on ps3 has motion controls but the wii version has a new improved game swing that is the most realistic golf swing to date its called tru-view and is amazing this is done with the extra power of M+ and the infared camera in the wiimote itself u can even take a dibit out of the grass its super impressive and they havnt shown the ps3 motions yet but have already said the wii version has the superior controls

thereapersson3495d ago

That reads like a complete wall of pure gibberish. Dear Lord... my eyes!

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