Xbox Elite 250 GB - The New Standard SKU? (

The price drop of the stand-alone hard drive seems to imply that a new Xbox Elite model might be just over the horizon. If you are doing the math, and have noticed the recent incentives to push current Xbox Elite bundles, the answer to this is a resounding affirmative.

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JimmyJames703496d ago

If it's true, then it might be time to buy that second console.

retrovertigo3496d ago

I still have the original model sans HDMI, too. I would be nice to have a newer, more reliable system, too.

retrovertigo3496d ago

And by "reliable" I mean less likely to RRoD, although I'm not sure if the newer systems are any better about heating issues, or not. Thoughts?

Convas3496d ago

Yeah, the newer Jasper Models have decreased the likelihood of getting RROD.

PandemicPrawn03496d ago

The new model 360s are much much more reliable.

had mine since December and it's great, after downloading games to the HDD the console is whisper quiet and no heat issues at all.

Highly recommended.

Kahvipannu3496d ago

Yes, I have had my Elite now almost 3 years, and I have not had single problem with it, and it's not even Falcon or Jasper.

And about the news, it's very likely, agreed. Personally I'm hoping Xbox-"slim" to come out, I could update my elite with it (unless it is gimped down ala PS), and give the old one to my sisters kids.

retrovertigo3496d ago

Glad to hear that the newer models seem to be more reliable with the couple of you who responded. I'm not even going to mention my current system as I don't want to jinx it the long successful run we've had with this third repaired system. :)

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Convas3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Step 1: X the Arcade totally

Step 2: X the 120 GB Elite totally

Step 3: Announce the Xbox 360 120/250GB Lite for $200

Step 4: Announce the Xbox 360 120/250GB Lite w/ Natal for $300

I don't see a 250 GB Elite coming if MS is planning on releasing a Lite version of the console. Kind of seems redundant. But if there is no Lite/Slim version coming, then by all means, do so.