MW2 Map Pack Preview- Inside Xbox

RespawnAction: "Here is a preview of the new map pack for Modern Warfare 2 due out April 5th. The rundown goes through all five of the maps."

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JustinSaneV23500d ago

Looks like those leaked video from ConsoleTech were legit after all.

Had no reason to doubt them I suppose since Activison so hurriedly had them removed from YouTube.

respawnaction3500d ago

Oh really? I had no idea there were leaked vids before. I just hope people don't veto every map on here like they did with the one from the original Modern Warfare. Chinatown was a great map and so was Broadcast but they kept getting vetoed. What a waste of money it turned out to be, spending $10 for only playing one map.

JustinSaneV23500d ago

Yeah, that's why I'm afraid to drop $15 on it. The community might end up hating all maps except for one new map and the CoD4 maps. I would then end up paying $15 for one new map and two maps which I ALREADY OWN on my CoD4 disc.

Jedward-3500d ago

Who cares ill be palying battlefield like.

JustinSaneV23500d ago

I've been considering picking that up...

movements3500d ago

Modern Warfare, it just gets better and better

JustinSaneV23500d ago

Except for Activision's price tag on these maps...