G4TV: Just Cause 2 Review

Just Cause 2 manages to deliver high-octant thrills and spills on a mind-blowing scale. It won't be remembered for its contributions to great storytelling, the vehicle controls are a bit unruly, and the factions tend to blend into each other, but in the balls-out action department, it does its job and does it well. It also introduces you to the real transportation method of the future: a grappling hook and parachute. What's an electric car again?

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g0green3493d ago

really want to get this but too many other games, like alan wake, brink, reach, red dead. And i still want to get a ps3 but not enough cash. need a ps3 for little big planet that game is awesome

Limited_Vertigo3493d ago

Kmart is selling the game for only $45 starting today till Saturday. I suggest everyone take advantage of it.

swiftshot933493d ago

You couldnt have chosen a better game to buy a PS3 for IMO. LBP is so awesome, it has such a great charm that will constantly have you smiling.

And agreed about the too many games part. I cant get Alan Wake cause Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out and I HAVE to get Red Dead. Theres no room for this game unfortunately.

Jedward-3493d ago

I have a review for olivia munn