Sessler's Soapbox: Open Worlds Need Direction

Adam uses Just Cause 2 to point out how open world games are very common, but sometimes lacking in direction, progression, or story.

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DelbertGrady3499d ago

I didn't like Just Cause 2 when I tried the demo. So I gave it one more shot and learned all the controls properly and explored the world as much as I could. Still didn't like it. It feels empty, and the AI and gunfights are very poorly executed. It's not immersive in any way at all. Soulless. Getting some great review scores though. The full game might be completely different from the demo but I still doubt it.

Beast_Master3499d ago

Well soda you have a right to your opinion but please know that you are wrong!!

CryWolf3499d ago

I don't like Just Cause series cause they did everything from the first game they put the same gameplay and open world type gameplay back in the second game and just change some gameplay elements.