Madden NFL 11 Details and Screens

IGN brings us 2 screen shots and details on Madden NFL 11. Ian Cummings will post a blog tomorrow to explain more about the game.

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FishCake9T43499d ago

Improvements were made last year. So hopefully the same can happen this year too.


what a rip-off its the same graphic engine as last year only a few animations and roster updates. Dont waste your money on madden anymore EAshould quit and hand the Liscene over to another game company.

The_Perverted_Ninja3498d ago

Mr Lookingbill is right. EA doesn't care and will just put out the same game like they always do. These SS don't even look good and they are clearly doctored because last years madden didn't have any kind of AA and it made the game was really jagged. These SS make the game look like it's running in a higher res than 720P with about 8x AA. I'll wait and see but I'm not getting my hopes up because I just don't have faith in EA anymore.

sajj3163498d ago

From looking at the screens, not 'seeing' the progress. May be at an early stage? Hopefully some videos will be out soon.

We should not be nice to EA Sports. If they are resting on their laurels, point it out. Don't buy the game. If the game significantly improves over last years, then buy!