GameZone: Just Cause 2 Review

The original Just Cause was a sandbox-style action game that had a lot of really cool elements to it. Unfortunately, the game also had its fair share of issues, keeping it from being the revolutionary experience that it should've been. Now, Square-Enix and developer Avalanche Studios are unleashing the sequel, Just Cause 2, and for the most part delivers a sequel that outshines its predecessor. While there are still some issues both from a technical and gameplay standpoint, the action is very intense, the world is huge, and the destruction and chaos are great, making for a sequel that action fans can get behind.

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Caspel3496d ago

I do believe the sandbox genre is nearly dead to over-saturation.

athmaus3496d ago

you ca say taht again!

Lo-Lo3496d ago

But truly there's nothing new under the sun. There's only so many formats a military style game can take. That's a pretty high score, so maybe it will provide something new.

Onsyman3496d ago

loved the demo! buying this one for sure

hestar3496d ago

Liked the demo,way better than the first,will pick this up sometime down the road.

Caspel3496d ago

the first one was good for, say, 15 minutes lol

OregonSlacker3496d ago

maybe it was just me but seemed a bit blocky in watchin the advertisements, especially the flying, hoping its a bit better then that but got to admit Just Cause was one of my favorite sandbox games, can't wait to try it out!!

Nakerman3496d ago

Nice score, I'm intrigued.

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The story is too old to be commented.