Five Things We Learned from the Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo

Terminal Gamer's Tom Hoeler looks at the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo. Are those interrogation scenes as cool as they look? Meh. Is the game awesome? Yes.

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Natsu X FairyTail3501d ago

"While I haven’t been a major supporter of the franchise in the past, Conviction might just have the stuff to convince me, and other holdouts out there to give Sam Fisher a try and leave The Bat behind for a little while."

same here.

Jedward-3500d ago

Bad AI
Looks worse than haze
Bots not clinging onto it anymore as its a certified flop.

SullyDrake3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I own a 360 and all the best exclusives like Gears 2, Mass Effect 2 (I know, PC too), Fable II, Lost Odyssey, L4D2 (PC too), Halo 3, etc, so no fanboyism here, but I was disappointed.

The cover system was NOT the best ever. The visuals are not close to Gears 2 or Mass Effect 2 in terms of the Unreal Engine 3. The gameplay wasn't groundbreaking at all.

I'll buy it, beat it, and trade it in within the week for a full credit refund since it's applicable to that deal. It's worth a full shot, but the demo left a sour taste.

blitz06233500d ago

I said it before and I'll say it again.

This game will never be as epic as MGS4, let alone any MGS title. Whoever said this game will redefine stealth should think again. MGS4 may be more action, but it is the better stealth and all around game IMO.

OpenGL3500d ago

Splinter Cell: Conviction runs on Unreal 2.5, not Unreal 3. The demo didn't exactly thrill me, but I'll still check out the final game. Demos don't always represent the final game well.

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GR8 13501d ago

What i learnt from the DEMO was the games not gonna be only 8hrs long thats a good thing when u look at other games which are 8hrs long makes u wonder if i should purchase the game. But with Splinter Cell: Conviction u also have Multi-Player which is great. Must Buy.

ryano232773500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Whether this game goes over 8 hours or not, I will be dusting off my 360 to play the single player for this one. Love my stealth games (MGS especially) and have never played any Splinter Cell before.

I could easily be as childish as you are every day GR8 1, and bad mouth SC. But I'm a GAMER & I do look for games that interest me.

I guess I'll see you bad mouthing ANOTHER PS3 game in a few minutes.

PS - time to start a new account, I'm sick & tired of having to click on your comment to see what garbage you've wrote this time.

cooperdnizzle3500d ago

Meh.. No!! I have never liked the series. But every time a new one comes out, i am like oh man this is going to be awesome and they suck! So that is what i think is going to happen with this one! And yea i hate ubisoft! They suck at life! Lets see how many disagrees i get. Come box fanboys!

chriski3333500d ago

hope this game is good played the demo i liked it this game is the only reason i got a 360 so fingers crossed

DelbertGrady3500d ago

I really liked the demo. I liked the older games as well, especially Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. What I didn't like about the older games was the lack of any real story and the unforgiving gameplay. Almost as unforgiving as Hitman but not quite.

Imo Conviction takes what was best from the older games and makes it more accessible, without "n00bing" it down. I loved the controls, the graphics, the gameplay. The complete package, except for the voice acting. I'm seriously considering turning the voices off when I get the game.

peeps3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"Almost as unforgiving as Hitman but not quite.

Imo Conviction takes what was best from the older games and makes it more accessible, without "n00bing" it down."

i actually felt the demo was far to easy and really was 'noobed' down. this could just be because it looks to be the first level/tutorial with all the text telling you where to take cover etc, but second playthrough on the hardest difficulty gave me no trouble completing it undetected.

I loved how the older games were more challenging, same as your reference to hitman. they were games that actually made u think rather than just straight up action. Conviction should still be great but certainly feels like it's holding my hand a bit too much

DARK WITNESS3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I have to say I agree with peeps.

I am, or was a huge SC fan right from the first game.

Double Agent was a bit of a let down, I was really hoping that conviction would be a real return to form. I have to say, after playing the demo the first time and I was playing it again last night, I am really put off getting this game altogether.

in my opinion it has been totally noobified ... I suppose this means different things to different people.

not to mention little things... even as simple as throwing a nade next to the broken truck and nothing happens, i mean nothing. no damage to it. I know I am prob nit picking, but to me thats what this gen is all about, it's all down to those little details - the difference between an ok game, average game, great game.

I will still get the game, but it's just moved from a game to keep to a game to finish and trade in as quick as possible.

It's not what i expected or was hoping for. I am really slowly loosing face with some of the devs this gen. I feel like these games are just being mutilated. the old sc games on the xbox were right at the top of some of the best graphics the system had pushed out. after playing the demo I didn't think conviction looked all that at all.

just my $2 anyway.

As the guy said above, more an more games this gen require you to think less and just follow the green arrow, press y to do this and press x to do that. climb through the window... here we will hold your hand and keep the window open for you.

Inside_out3500d ago

Never been a big stealth game fan...played bits and pieces of other splinter cells....This one is alot of fun with terrific action and gun play combinations...Don't take my word for it...Check out Ubisoft's DEMO walk-through, one is stealth the other is assault...It's on the Gamersyde website...Yes, it's as smooth as it appears...

corneliuscrust3500d ago

for me, it worked.

I HATED the older splinter cell games. This demo, I loved.


I suppose that's fair enough.. they have gained a new customer and lost and old one.

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